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The mini version of the Android v1.0.2 Mobile Games pixel chicken Mini pixel chicken game download | Mini pixel chicken Mobile Games The score: 8

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Mobile Games introduction

Mini pixel chicken Mobile Games Is a pixel style Shootout Eat chicken game In the game, provided a unique role for the game player, game player can own Choice The gameplay, with classic gameplay chicken had little difference, but with a new sea map here, there are a variety of different vehicles, let you experience the joy of the game of chicken, what are you waiting for? Quickly invite your buddies together to green resources network to download it!

Mini pixel chicken game

MC style cartoon version of pixel Jedi Battle Royale holiday island shock launch! stay mini-world Geely can also eat chicken!

The beginning of the game, 100 game player will be put on the 5 islands, seemingly beautiful environment, but murderous four volts. The island not only has a horrible zombie, many more dangerous species (scorpions, snakes, spiders, wolf and so on), it is more terrible, every time, the island will randomly generate smog, with smog diffusion, game player must be transferred to the security zone, but the whole region is not really an safety in safe zone in a new round of the massacre, the upcoming....

 Mini pixel chicken game download

Mini pixel chicken Android version of the game features

1. choice of weapons, armed! (sniper rifle, shotgun, submachine gun, and rocket launchers, as you choose)!

2. is the most favorable auspices eating chicken tonight! The challenge game player, all over the world to survive, to win the award!

3. the perfect support for Chinese!

4. game modes, clearance mode and survival mode of battle royale!

Select the 5. map, the mysterious island waiting for you to explore!

6.20+ exquisite masks (including: Altman, big bear, samurai, ninja, Qing Tianzhu, Black Warrior, clown...)!

7. super mysterious boss waiting for you to challenge (giant scorpions, desert rattlesnake, poisonous spiders, wolves, zombies....)!

8. high degree of freedom, can sail voyage, can also ride the horses!

The synthesis of 9. necessities to survive!

Mini pixel chicken mobile phone version of the game highlights

1, the game provides 30 kinds of cartoon characters as you choose, occupation and different skills.

2, the high degree of freedom to play, game player can ride a horse Pentium can sail voyage on the island.

3, the huge game map, carefully crafted game scenes, waiting for you to explore the mysterious island.

Mini pixel chicken game play

Game player needs to use weapons and props on the island and various other people out. At the beginning of the game when all people have the most basic materials and equipment. Game player need to survive on the island down and kill zombies and various dangerous creatures, collecting all kinds of resources in the safety area shrinking in against other game player to live to the end.


1, simple gameplay, challenging gameplay!

2, driving a car to explore, to simulate the shooting mode to eat chicken!

Developer: TutoTOONS

Mobile Games.

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