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It is building 7.5 crack version Is a very good use of building service software, not only to the functional limitations were cracked, and the registration code sequence number, can activate the account, there is a need to welcome friends to download the use of green resources!


Beijing Tianzheng Software Engineering Co. Ltd. is a Architectural design High tech enterprise senior experts initiated the establishment of industry background, since the beginning of 1994 in AutoCAD The graphic platform successfully developed a series of building, HVAC Electrical and other professional software, Autodesk company in Chinese, the first batch of registered developers. Ten years, building CAD software Tianzheng company has achieved great success in the national scope, the architectural design units nationwide, has been difficult to find designers do not use the software Tianzheng construction; it can be said that the software Tianzheng construction has become the industry standard of domestic architectural CAD, along with the extensive application of tarch software. It has become the foundation of image file format between each design unit and party a graphic information exchange.

 It is building 7.5 Special Edition

The lead in the domestic use of AutoCAD2006 graphics platform and operation concept development of the latest generation of TArch7 software architecture, to continue building construction design and energy saving analysis of sunshine, application service to the concept of advanced construction object, the object has become the core of Tengen Tengen building series software and data sources, gradually accepted most of the architectural design unit is design The software industry Genuine choice. In order to let you as soon as there is a general understanding of the new version, here to briefly introduce the function of the TArch7, but as the new function of TArch 6.5-7.0 upgrade List, see the updhistory.txt file under the sys folder.

TArch7 support includes the installation and operation of the AutoCAD2000-2006 multiple graphics platform, it objects except object editing commands, can also use pinch drag, editing, editing, and dynamic characteristics in the input parameter adjustment object means.

It is building 7.5 single version for Auto CAD2000, Auto CAD2002, Auto CAD2004, Auto CAD2006, Auto CAD2007, Auto CAD2008

We recommend the use of Anto Cad 2006 or later

The new function of rail joint increase connection initiation termination end function

The new function of wall, column, shape, window, cutting line with automatic (intelligent connection, interrupt, clipping) characteristics of day objects, support the model space at the same time, block automatic update support.

The new line pattern support function Choice Circular path, drawing flicker removal process improvement.

The new function of unequal wall thickness parallel wall joints with rectangular gap can be wall shape to quickly repair.

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The third floor of the Chongqing telecom users guests Published: 2016/8/3 21:18:18
The installation is successful!

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The second floor of the guest users Published: 2016/5/25 11:04:09
Very good! Thank you friends! And CAD2007 compatible!

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First, Hubei Jingzhou Unicom users guests Published: 2015/9/3 20:26:19
Thank you for the website of the comrades, thank you. Finally successfully installed

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