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Intellij IDEA 14 Fillmore v14.1.7 latest version Idea 14 registration code generator | Download Intellij IDEA 14 ri The score: 8

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Intellij IDEA 14 registration machine is a development tool for IDEA to create a free registration machine, can help you to quickly register operation generated, using simple and fast registration. Come to the Green Resources Network Download experience!

IntelliJ IDEA software is introduced

IntelliJ IDEA 14 officially released. IntelliJ IDEA is an integrated Java language development environment, in the industry has been recognized as one of the best tools for Java development, especially in the intelligent assistant code, code automatic prompts, reconstruction, J2EE support, Ant, JUnit, CVS integration, code review, creative design and other aspects of the GUI function can be said to be extraordinary.

IntelliJ IDEA also specifically for Web, and provides a framework for enterprise mobile support out of the box, together to bring you a hitherto unknown user experience.

 Idea 14 download registration code generator

The latest version of IDEA features

The programmer intended to support

When the IDEA programmer encoding always detect your intentions, or advice, or directly help you complete code.

Intelligent selection

In many cases we want to select a method, or a cycle or want to step from one variable to the entire class slowly extended its selection, IDEA will provide this based on grammar Choice In Ctrl+W, the default settings, expand the selection range can be achieved, this way is more convenient in the reconstruction of the time.

Rich navigation mode

IDEA provides a rich Navigation view mode, such as Ctrl+E display of recently opened files, Ctrl+N shows you want to show the class name search box (the box also has intelligent add function when you enter the letters after the IDEA will display all the candidate class name). In the project view of the most basic, you can also choose a variety of views.

Intelligent code

Automatically check the code and specification are found preset code access prompt, if the programmer agreed to modify automatically modify. For example, code: String STR = "Hello Intellij" + "IDEA"; IDEA will give the optimization tips, if the programmer agreed to modify the IDEA will automatically modify the code: String STR = "Hello Intellij IDEA";

Regular expression search and replace function

Find and replace regular expressions, so as to improve the efficiency.

JavaDoc preview support

Support JavaDoc preview function, Ctrl+Q display JavaDoc results in the JavaDoc code, so as to improve the quality of the doc document.

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