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The letter book (with a registered XinDa test machine) v1.0 Green Edition XinDa letter book download | test The letter book (with a registered XinDa test machine) The score: 8

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Software introduction

XinDa letter test collection for the Baoding city middle school students to provide the online exam simulation training software, help students to better adapt to the test environment, the green resources network to provide official genuine and registered, you can use free of charge!

Software introduction

XinDa is a collection of letters to test for Baoding city information technology practice software senior high school entrance examination.


1. in the green resources network to download and unzip the file

2. run and install the test collection letter XinDa

3. open register register

 XinDa letter collection test version

4. XinDa registered letter test collection, can be used as normal


Operation test. You can do many times without restriction, will not do, can watch the demonstration of the correct steps out of the answer

Choice Questions to determine the problem. Each choice of a project, the software will tell you the answer is correct, the error prone problem, but also explain.

The software simulation of formal examination, sharing T disk server formal examination, candidates must answer in the T disk, the stand-alone software (not online) to simulate the T disk, and the formal examination process exactly the same.

This software includes Baoding (including but not limited to) all areas of information technology subject of senior high school entrance examination, and the correct answer.

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Software screenshot

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