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Erwin9.5 crack version Is a super good use data base Modeling software The model, directly into the user through the erwin9.5 version can be established to Office In the software, very convenient to use, great convenience to the users, effectively improve the work efficiency. Welcome to download the use of green resources!

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The structure of complex data visualization: ERwin database structure, management interface simple, graphical display of visual complexity.

Design of architecture:

ERwin offers unique flexibility to create multiple layers from the logic model, physics, or even higher level models. Users can create logical and physical models that are completely separate, or create logical and physical models are related, so you Choice The implementation style best suited to your needs.

The standard definition:

The repeated use of the standard, improve the ability of developing organization and effective time management in their information cost and assets. ERwin supports the definition and maintenance of standard model, template, through reusable domain naming standards editor and editor, data type standard editor.

Large model management:

ERwin helps you manage and chart, enterprise model through subject areas. These graphical views and model visualization, promote cooperation and exchange of information among the different stakeholders in the organization and. In addition, advanced features such as automatic layout, according to the needs of the UI component, and the "bird's eye" Navigation Allows you to easily visualize large model.

Complete comparison:

This powerful function can automatically complete the model, two-way synchronization scripts and database, compared with other projects, show any differences, and allows two-way selection of updates. If the model change is a database object, ERwin can automatically generate a database of the ALTER script, because the ideal.

Database design generation:

ERwin allows you to create database design directly from the visual model, improve the efficiency, reduce the error. The leading database support, including the optimization of referential integrity trigger templates and rich cross database macro language, allowing modelers to customize triggers, scripts and stored procedures. A custom template helps build a model of the complete physical design and the definition of a generation.

Data warehouse and data mart design:

The specific mode of data warehouse ERwin support (such as star and snowflake model 3D modeling) technology, so as to optimize the performance of data warehouse and analyze your needs. It also captures and documents a rich set of information about the warehouse, including data source, switching logic and data management rules.

Report and printing:

Copy of California ERwin every SAP Business Objects including diabetes Southeast Crystal Reports. Customers can use out of the box reports, or create your own. A generic ODBC interface can be used for other reporting tools to customers. The report may generate a variety of formats, including HTML, PDF, RTF and TXT etc..

Integration and metadata exchange with other tools:

It is easy to integrate into other projects and imported or from a variety of sources, including business Intelligent tools, master data management center and other data modeling tools, extraction, conversion, loading (ETL) tools and the unified modeling language (UML) tools are tools ERwin.

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