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Software introduction

Software label: Nero Nero

Nero 10 ri Mainly used for serial number corresponding to the activation of the Nero series version, Nero series software compact, powerful, and there is no redundant functions, specifically for the DVD and small measured activation, all functions can be used nero. Interested friends to download it green resources network.

The main function:

Nero 10 serial number registration machine in addition to support Nero 10 activation, and payment of DTS Pl UG -in, DTS, Plug-in, Plug-in 2 mp3PRO mp3PRO Plug-in 2, mp3PRO Plug-in, mp3PRO Plug-in, Gracenote Plug-in, Gracenote 2, Plug-in 2, Recode BluRay, Video Plug-In, BluRay Disc Authoring Plug-In and other tools to get the serial number.

 Nero10 Zhuceji Download

Nero10 introduction

More efficient use of remote access to digital media files

Integrating TV, DVD, audio and video content

Advanced search function

LightScribe support

DVD-R and DVD+R double support and multilayer more convenient installation and user interface

Nero10 Chinese version supports all popular file formats

The contents of the database and organization more efficient

- provides multitasking improved

Decompression password:

Software screenshot

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