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Pickle Ranger (Android mobile phone game modification) version of the Android v6.3.2 Modify the official download | pickle Pickle Ranger (Android mobile phone game modification) The users score: 8

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Mobile Games introduction

Pickle Ranger modifier is pickle network launched a Android game modification tools, support a variety of modified Android games, a key data memory modifications, money, diamonds, second props unlimited, play more exciting. Quickly download experience!

Pickle modify instructions:

The network game is not modified successfully, because the network game data are saved on the server, even if you change, a network connection, data from the server update will change back to the original,
So please don't GameKiller To play online games.
The software is running through the memory data modification in the game, to modify the game attribute to. The exact properties of the corresponding memory address is to locate the game by changing the attributes, so must be approved by the
Many times to search for accurate positioning, otherwise unable to directly modify.
Please modify before, through the menu Choice Need to modify the program, through the press of Home in GameKiller Switch between games
Requirement: Need root permissions

Usage method:

1, download and install the APK file, using game modification need root permissions
2, modify the start button to activate the suspension icon, start the game through I need to modify the game menu;
3, enter the game, use the icon pop-up box to modify the suspension of numerical search, such as 100 gold coins;
4, the search is completed to continue the game, after the change of numerical search again
The exact memory address 5, corresponding to the positioning of the property is by changing the game attribute, so we must search through many to accurate positioning, and finally to modify.

Update log:

The new UI experience upgrade
A new technology framework layout
The optimization process changes for the game experience (the game changes faster and more accurate)
Increase game modification of official support and support user interaction
Optimization of wifi/2G/3G network download speed
The optimization and upgrading of the search function

There are problems reported to poison pickle Ranger, the station has been off the shelf, to provide temporary hoist man modifier download!

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