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Small video production software (vivavideo) version of Android v7.6.0 Small mobile phone download | Small video production software (vivavideo) The score: 8

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Software introduction

Xiaoying App Is a video for the production of mobile phone software, professional Short video Micro video artifact! By Xiaoying, you can edit the create personalized video, can also see someone to share the fun funny video, quickly download experience!

The young

The world's first mobile terminal to create micro film, micro video shooting landscaping application. It simulates the whole process of film creation, the integration of pre shooting, Post production One-stop application sharing communication as a whole, hitherto unknown in the mobile application beautify photography category. Xiaoying Video production software Unique filters, transitions, subtitles, music and a key application theme pack, allows you to easily create personalized life micro film! So easy to use and powerful application, in addition to Xiaoying, who can record your wonderful Twitter Life!

 Small video production software.

Small mobile phone version features


The end of the first multi mobile phone lens / camera, to capture the scene more three-dimensional, more full.

The personality real-time filter to support a large number of the latest and most tide, fun micro film, micro video.

The built-in high performance professional Video camera The engine seckill system comes with the camera.


The visual video clipping function frame based on eliminating redundant shot quickly and easily.

The soundtrack, simple shear volume adjustment function, to create personalized sound effects.

Various filters, transitions, the creation of micro film subtitle material is so easy.

The scene provides different theme pack based on a large production style.

The center of material, mass filters, themes, transitions, poster material you download.


The key whenever and wherever possible share your wonderful micro video, Sina micro-blog , WeChat QQ space, Tencent micro-blog Everyone, you always have a space for one person.

The secret sharing video support.

The automatic generation of a variety of movie posters full of personality, let the social sharing become more and more direct cool.

The calculation of storage platform mobile platform based on cloud video, you can let the story in the mobile phone / tablet / computer / TV platform freely Spread.

Small app function


- strong and beauty filters Dermabrasion Effect of real-time video beauty!

[cartoon stickers, subtitles and special features]

- rich cute animated stickers, bubble dynamic subtitles, large fonts! The lightning flash Ming, science fiction skills, American film special effects!

[Edit] God

Optimization of 0.2S speed - speed camera, piecewise precise adjustment!

Frame - shear, copy, sequence, camera lens and lens / slow.

[dubbing, soundtrack]

- the key to add music easy to fix! At the same time fast / slow voice as you choose.


The characteristics of topic - community, anyone can be popular!

- gathering shadows, bright stars, grab Sofa God, reply, private messages, attention, search, goddess, zero distance reds!

[share] easy

- a key share to WeChat, QQ, micro-blog Other popular social circle!

- private video sent separately.

Update log

V3.5.0 update:

1. new functions, and buddies fly up;

2. video reviews make complaints about comprehensive function on-line, a sofa;

3. video personal space can be dressed up, instantly feel Meng Meng da;

4. new video Master recommendation, big coffee in the network;

5. new information system, to understand your interaction with fans;

Dynamic transition effects 6. new variety of cool;

7. support the elimination of a single acoustic lens;

8. support effects volume adjustment.

V3.1.0 update:

1. "new music" camera shooting mode, expression and song god synchronization!

2. new "copy" and "camera shot segmentation" function;

Random set 3. new filters and transitions;

4. to participate in the activities can be completed from the "works" Choice ;

The 5. pictures can also set the filter and dynamic effect;

Phenomenon 6. repair flash back, caton.

Developer: Hangzhou Qu Wei Technology Limited company

Software screenshot

Download address

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The first floor of the Hubei telecom users guests Published: 2017/6/13 19:23:27
Ha-ha! There are many funny video, killing Lao Tzu, I also want to try making a short video, share happiness!!!!!!!!!!!

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