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M v3.18 official version of the Android mobile phone to make money M make app download | M make mobile phone to make money The score: 8

  • Software size: 4.8M
  • Software language: Chinese
  • Software type: domestic software
  • Software Categories: free software / financial
  • Update: 2016-09-28
  • Software level: 4
  • The official website: Http://www.mizhuan.me/
  • Operating environment: Android
  • Software vendors:

Software size: 4.8M

top Comments: 50% One
step on Bad review: 50 A step

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Software introduction

Software label: M making Money app

M making Two thousand and seventeen By the Beijing m extension Century Technology Co., Ltd. launched a Mobile phone software to make money . The massive tasks for you to complete the task can be completed to get the big reward, rice can be used to exchange coins and bills, Thunder Other members, also can carry now oh! Quickly download experience!

Make the M

M make is a profitable mobile phone application, users can also earn money in playing mobile phone at the same time, to support the Android system and the Apple system of apple jailbreak. The user can use the meter make outstanding application installation system recommended, comments and share application, complete the assigned task and way of earning rice, the rice can also be converted into prepaid cards, coins, Alipay Recharge cards and etc..

M make do the task through the mobile phone terminal, make m is a let you can get some benefits in the application of mobile phone and mobile phone. In M earn, you can earn rice by installing meters recommended application, make excellent comments and share application, complete the assigned task etc., finally realize the benefits of the exchange mechanism of rice.

M making characteristics

Use your fingers to make easy money

The application of experience, Shopping for Refund, survey and so on, a variety of mobile phone will be able to complete the task of making money

A lot of prizes, waiting for you to come against

Q, bill, set points Po, thunder member and so on, can also be provided to alipay, Caifutong

The first China mobile phone platform

M make in the month of 9 2011 release, is the first domestic mobile phone applications focus on mobile Witkey

For the most efficient

1 Q will be able to exchange, the fastest 3 minutes of arrival

The largest and most reliable

1000 million users Choice Stable operation, 3 years

Most tasks

More than 200 number of partners to bring more tasks

Update log

V3.18 update:

1. landscaping UI

2. increased rice animation

Optimization of 3. news

HUAWEI mobile phone compatibility B 4. repair UG

Software screenshot

Download address

M v3.18 official version of the Android mobile phone to make money

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