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The application of appchina computer version of the latest version of the official v2.0.47934 exchange The application of exchange pc download | Appchina Department of computer application version The score: 8

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Software introduction

The application of exchange The computer version Android is a run on the PC side iphone . The software brings together the massive fine Android apps, games, themes and other resources, completely free download, you can make yourself useful as Android resources, quickly download experience!

Software introduction

The use of computer application exchange version, you can download the application free exchange The app store To provide you with tens of thousands of the latest and most complete, massive high-quality game resources. The application of exchange forum You can at any time online discussion activities, news release resources!

Meeting for the application you have customized the installation and data packets Fit The xpk file format, through the Android game assistant, can download these big games, do not have to be trapped in tedious installation steps and cost flow.

Android game assistant compact size allows it to second speed start, fast connection through the USB data line and mobile phone, and instantly install your desired game file.

The software features

1. selection of high-quality software, game

Based on the application of the Department's APP search technology, application exchange offers more than 300 thousand genuine application, safe for game player software, games, Chinese, English Goods are available in all varieties.

2. polymerization users, real comments

Look at the introduction and application of screenshots couldn't understand their strengths and weaknesses? Look at the real users with comments after, of course you can also put the words you want to stay.

3. application installation, easy management

The management of their mobile phone or slightly trouble in the small screen, easy to through the assistant equipment in the software installation and uninstall the game update.

The 4. game player radar, fun

Through the new radar Scan The function, you can see the other game player in the mobile phone installed applications, to see if there is no interest in you and like-minded people, to see if there is a new application of what you don't know.

5. desktop plug-in, convenient and quick

Small desktop plug-in, simple as you show the state of charge of the mobile phone, you can drag and drop a key application, wallpaper. The bell, put them into your mobile phone.

Using the tutorial

The first step is to download and install the application department. The program itself is very small, the memory occupancy rate is low, fast running speed, commonly used functions are supported, the key is to install xpk!

 Department of computer application version The second step will be the mobile phone connected to the computer with the USB cable, plug into computer USB socket, connect one end of the USB mobile phone jack, that everybody knows......

 Department of computer application download The third step assistant and mobile phone connection, in exchange to successfully install the application wizard, before the show mobile phone related information, of course, the USB debug function, need to open the mobile phone and mobile phone installation allows the unknown source application, close the USB store the feature phone.

 Application of exchange PC version The fourth step through the big game ", find their love xpk game, click the Install button, the assistant will immediately start to download and install. If already downloaded the xpk file, double-click or drag and drop to the game to start the installation assistant.

 The application of exchange pc download The fifth step meeting will start to download xpk, the download is complete, will be installed to the mobile phone game. Xpk the installation process is to copy data packets, and then install APK, install the length of time and file size relationship.

Update log

V2.0.47934 update:

1. optimization start mode no longer automatically boot up.

May 2. repair install multiple XPK files at the time of the crash.

3. drivers support optimization.

The 4. part of the page layout adjustment.

5. in the Windows XP system to repair the desktop icon and power information does not show progress.

Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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