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The game is introduced

Zombies version of the classic version of Chinese Just launched all over the world, simple single Casual games But, the excitement of the game experience, adorable characters, exquisite picture of the game, simple operation and easy to get started, simply let Xiaobian not stop! Love friends welcome to download green resources!

Brief introduction of zombies Chinese version

A seemingly simple but highly strategic game. Vs. Zombies Game Player home game player only defense is your way to grow.

49 armed your plants, switching them to different functions, such as cherry bombs or powerful piranha, more quickly and effectively to stop the invasion of zombies on the road.

A different enemy, different style constitute five different game modes, in addition to the night, the roof, such as fog and swimming pool barriers increase the challenge of the strange world without end game fun.

3 game modes (adventure, endless life, the vase broken), adventure mode with 14 levels, 6 types of zombies, 12 plants, each zombie has different characteristics, each of which has its own weaknesses, to trick the weakness of different zombies reasonable planting is victory.

The game incorporates real-time strategy, tower defense and card collection elements, game player control plants, resist botnet attack, to protect this botanical garden.

 The classic version of zombies

Plants vs. Zombie Game Characteristic

Five models of 1 unique game: adventure, game, puzzle, survival, garden mode

Adventure mode level 2, up to 50 of the set, from day to night, from the roof to the swimming pool, a variety of scenes.

3, the game has 26 different zombie enemies, including car zombie driver, the game more challenging.

4, 49 kinds of powerful, different plants, and collect coins to buy a pet snail and other optional items.

5, open the calendar, you can see a variety of plants with different tools, and interesting news.

Buy special plant and tools through the "crazy Dave store", you can imagine in any way to kill zombies.

Game 6, exquisite picture and sound, music and video as well as the type of reward.

Unlimited re play will experience two times the same event, at any time to the most fresh gaming experience

How to get the old version of zombies garden plants

The plant will drop a lot of survival in the Guan Li, have a little more off can be unlimited. A secret is of course infinite closed corn + watermelon + shrooms + double sunflower in the water in the middle of the front row three lost shrooms, a pumpkin, water monster basically all dead, can be placed behind the special balloon zombie cattail. The land use and land pre ice watermelon thorn, in front of big potato bar, all plants with a pumpkin. Isn't there a card turned, the edge of pumpkin CD will be a bit faster, do a sunflower in the back, remember to put the block down zombie umbrella flower. Later put the watermelon into corn, several big corn lianfan bombing, hand little sun and corn faster. Try a few times, 50 is very easy.

Play mode

The more variety of gameplay modes, to meet the different needs of the same game player, game player will not feel tired because of the single mode, including exploration mode, game mode and puzzle mode, survival mode.

Explore the mode: the game player can be understood as the story mode, according to different scenarios and the weather will gradually increase the difficulty of the game, and will unlock the various modes and items.

Game mode: mainly those who have appeared in the exploration mode in the game, game player game to re unite.

Survival mode: and explore the mode of play, but the game player will continue to use the first level of defense, through a certain number of rounds.

Puzzle mode: two levels, the first is to increase the difficulty of the game. The second is to play the role of a zombie game player.


Zombies cheats Daquan, Zombies Game (you can press the spacebar to suspend) enter the following cheats may obtain the corresponding effect (after the success will hear the tone, different code of different tone):

Effect of cheats

Mustache zombie wearing two mustache

Future zombie wearing stylish Sunglasses

Trickedout the lawnmower mower into uniform locomotive

When daisies was killed after falling some daisies zombie

The candy scattered on the ground after the death of Pinata zombies

Sukhbir zombie brain calls when switching call

Dance let the zombie swing dancing body

Direct input, any time, re input to close this effect.

Zombie Shuaqian plant wars:

Need conditions

1, open zengarden.

2, can buy the snail and chocolate on the hand (if not too tired manual).

3, download a transmission gear. Zengarden garden. A carrying flowers after continuous cultivation to form a passive light with money. A snail can automatically help you collect coins. Snail action after a period of sleep, for chocolate, action time is greatly increased and the increasing speed. Bonsai seedlings are sold in crazy Dave's shop, a 3 day brush basin, can be achieved by modifying the windos time. (it is so, namely, Khan) to modify the windows time to 23.59.50 and then into the game, 10s buy pot. Repeat.

Pot cultivation, game is still by windows in the judgment of whether potted plants can grow up. The method is similar to the brush pot. Potted plants generally have 3-4 forms, need to sign for changing fertilization. You need to do is to adjust the time in 1 hours after fertilization to the current time. You can also find the game into the pot cultivation.

When all the garden filled with light forms of flowers, open gear adjustable speed up to 256 times, to the snail eating chocolate. Then you do something else. About an hour later. You will find the bag is about 20W.

Money first playing skills, students can walk less detours: heart repels modifications, pure hand money

1, a week in the game of the money used to buy store keys and nursery, other skills and props of what not to buy, basically a week less than;

2, the rest of the money used to buy seedlings (1150 spit flower flowers in the process of 3000+ (2500+3) - flower fertilizer 450) = net 1200;

3, change the Windows time can repeat flowers;

4, golden pot can be one time casting 4 potted plant, later must buy;

5, pesticides and record can make flowers light, light will imagine infinite spit gold coins, 32 silver flower together spit gold bar scene!

6, to the snail feeding chocolate snail will run faster and slower, go to sleep, how much time I have not carefully counted;

7, this method is only suitable for the patient and do not like change for the good students, in addition to the tree outside to buy things all need about 2~3 hours.

A zombie (snow hidden corpse) the location:

The hidden zombie has hit out at XD. Second times in 4-10 games, is the black version, only when the version of the lightning, the snowman when destroyed an arm will escape, do not know whether it must be destroyed before the recording. Anyway, that version, on the inside of the Yeti zombie. After appearing in the final clearance of Endless survival mode.


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Support the old version of the zombies

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Too much fun

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Support the old version, very fun

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Or the old version.

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Can you share it, really want to play

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