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Beijing online banking assistant v1.0.0 official version Beijing online banking assistant official download | Beijing online banking assistant The score: 8

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Software introduction

The Bank of Beijing Online banking assistant Is a smart tool dedicated service to online banking users, to help users simply use the environment is safe, whenever and wherever possible to ensure financial security of users, users need to download it fast green resource network!

The Bank of Beijing Online banking assistant The official introduction:

Beijing online banking assistant is mainly on the user computer aided detection, in order to find out whether your computer will affect the relevant banking software, guarantee the safe use of your time!

 Beijing online banking assistant

Beijing online banking assistant:

- detection system will be made to your operating system scanning ,

- detect the client time, system version, your IE Browser Version meets the requirements of online banking operation;

- and to verify whether your settings affect the normal use of online banking system.

Test environment, certificate management, extended download software

- open online banking

Open online banking

Many Beijing friends hold a Beijing bank account, you use the Alipay When charging or cash operations, if you intend to Beijing bank bank card, you need to open bank of Beijing, Alipay official website to provide the Beijing bank opened the way, another small official website still collected some relevant information and common problems, we hope to help.

From Alipay's Beijing bank online banking opening tutorial:

There are 3 types of users of Personal Online Banking Bank of Beijing:

1 version of the online bank, certificate

2, dynamic password version of Internet Banking

3, the ordinary version of online banking

You can according to the security level and function settings of different versions Choice The opening and use of details can log on the official website of Beijing bank view. The use of online banking online payment, the user must first open the electronic payment function of each version of online banking. Electronic payment through online banking functions can be opened by the user.

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