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Winsock expert Chinese version win7 version v0.7 Green Free Edition Winsock expert capture tool download Winsock expert Sinicization version win7 version User ratings: 8

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Software introduction

WinSock Expert Sinicization Edition It's a professional network. Packet capture tool Support win7 system, through which it can grab the relevant information of the running website, convenient and fast, and friends who need it are welcome to download!

Software Description:

A program for monitoring and modifying network sending and receiving data. WinSock Expert can be used to help you debug the network application, analyze the communication protocol of network program, such as analyzing the sending and receiving data of OICQ, and modify the transmitted data when necessary.

 Winsock expert Sinicization Edition

Function Description:

Deep network performance evaluation

Macro to node traffic Statistics

High definition protocol analysis

Expert level fault diagnosis

Security defense based on network exception

Matters needing attention:

1, first run the software and the network application that needs to be monitored, then use the Open Process button. Choice When the correct program is opened, a child window will be created at this time. You can monitor multiple processes at the same time using the same method.

2, by default, the newly opened process has started monitoring data. If necessary, you can manually switch the "Start/Stop Capture" button on the toolbar to monitor / do not monitor the switch. If you do not automatically monitor at the beginning, you also need to manually switch.

3, use "add filter", "Edit Filter" and so on to add / modify the filter conditions, which can be used to automatically modify the data sent out by the application, and the specific way of using it is similar to that of WPE.

4, after creating the filter conditions, you need to press the "Set Filter" button to set up the application, otherwise these filter conditions will not work.

5. In the right-click menu on the filter list, you can save / load filter conditions.

6, through the "Change Packet View" button, you can switch the display mode of the packet: text mode and sixteen binary mode.

Decompression password:

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