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Winsock expert Chinese version of the win7 version of the v0.7 version of the green free Winsock expert capture tool download | The Chinese version of the win7 version of expert winsock The users score: 8

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Software introduction

WinSock Expert Chinese version Is a professional network Capture tool Win7, support system, it can capture relevant information, website operation convenient, need friends please download!

Software description:

One is used to monitor and modify the network to send and receive data procedures, WinSock Expert can be used to help you debug the network application, network communication protocol analysis program (such as the analysis of received data of OICQ, and can send) modify the send data when necessary.

 Winsock expert Chinese version

Function introduction:

Network performance evaluation deeply

The flow to the macro node Statistics

Analysis of high resolution protocol

Fault diagnosis expert

Network security defense based on anomaly

Matters needing attention:

1, the first operation of the network application software and the need to monitor, then use the "Open Process" button, Choice The correct procedure is open, this time will create a sub window, you can also use the same method to monitor multiple processes.

2, by default, just open the process has begun to monitor the data needed, you can manually press the toolbar on the "Start/Stop Capture" button to monitor / switch does not monitor, if it did not start automatically monitor, you also need to manually switch.

3, the use of "add filter", "Edit Filter" can add / modify the filter, which can be used to automatically modify the application to send data, use of specific methods and the like WPE.

4, create a good screening conditions, you need to press "Set Filter" button to set the application, otherwise these screening conditions will not play a role.

5, in the screening list menu, you can save / load filter.

6, through the "Change Packet View" button you can toggle the display of data packets: text mode and sixteen M.

Decompression password:

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