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Thunder 5.8 green edition v5.8.14706 classic stable version Thunder 5.8 high-speed download crack | Thunder 5.8 Green Edition The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Thunder

Thunder 5.8 Green Edition Thunder is a version of the most classic and stable, but there is no offline and function of speed, although the thunder upgrade The latest Thunder 9 However, many people still love Thunder 5 .8 stable version, because this version is very simple, and what settings are very comprehensive!

 Thunder 5.8 stable version

Main features:

Based on the official Thunder, cracked the local members of VIP

The complete screen upload (the latest screening method, the effect is very perfect)

The no registration login member will be able to get rid of all the original advertisement

The removal of the software center, bug fixes, picture browsing and other useless plug-ins

The support Thunder 7 Download protocol does not prompt upgrade, let you use the old

The direct download cyclone, Express , Emule Other special links to resources

The optional installation Thunder KanKan "Optional plug-in, remove see 15 seconds of advertising

The single process, low memory usage, the installation package containing no plug-in, pure and fresh

Thunder 5.8 advantages:

1, the mirror server accelerated download acceleration of network data mining, automatic matching with the same image users to download resources. Principle: using other servers on the Internet to download resources, such as the user to download a software, the software on the A website, users download from the A website, the B website has the same resources, the thunder can be downloaded from the B website, to enhance the speed of download.

2, accelerate the P2P accelerate the use of P2P technology between users, upload the channel produced will enhance the health of the channel, so as to enhance the channel acceleration effect. Principle: if other users have downloaded the thunderbolt download files, can upload yourself by other users.

3, High speed communication High speed road CDN acceleration, high speed channel can accelerate the use of your physical bandwidth limit, if you are a 4M broadband, that you the highest download speed is 390-420KB/S, the user downloads without a thunder server resources, the thunder will record the source address, the cloud prepared after the completion of other users in the download is available high speed download channel.

4, offline download acceleration you only need to submit tasks to the cloud link is completed High speed download . Principle: the popular resource server is slow, the thunder server can replace the users to download, download the user can download files from the server on the high-speed thunder

Software screenshot

Download address

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The fourth floor of the Tianjin Tianjin Vocational Institute guest users Published: 2019/3/3 1:06:31
Very reliable, thank you very much for the hard work of the publisher

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The third floor Sichuan Chengdu Tietong ADSL guest users Published: 2019/2/22 22:41:58
The measured, indeed the conscience of resources!

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The 2, America guest users Published: 2019/2/17 12:01:19
Very reliable, thank you very much for the hard work of the publisher

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The first floor IANA reserved address guest users Published: 2018/10/23 19:17:22
The reliable.

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