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The latest version of the official V3.0 2345 security guards 2345 security guards official website to download | 2345 security guards The score: 8

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Software introduction

Two thousand three hundred and forty-five Security guards The 2345 is the launch of a computer security management tool, which includes computer examination, Trojan killing, garbage removal, repair system vulnerabilities, software system acceleration, management and other functions, is a very good computer software guards.


A new generation of computer protection experts

2345 security guards with a new third generation security engine
Five surround system protection, cloud precise killing.

Cloud real-time protection

Cloud real-time active killing, high performance network filter driver, cloud intelligent rules synchronization, computer protection more accurate and timely.

Comprehensive computer examination

The full range of detection of computer security, a key smart computer repair, ensure zero risk

Intelligent bug fixes

Comprehensive detection system vulnerabilities, cloud intelligent neglect, fast repair system vulnerabilities

Home door

2345 security guards smart protection network intercept phishing sites, malicious behavior, Internet security protection

Multistage acceleration

A key to optimize the malicious start, intelligent garbage clean-up system, let the computer run

Update log:

2345 security guards v1.0

1. a new generation of computer protection experts, a new minimalist interface, smooth, full computer security guard;
2. support computer examination, smart key repair, computer security detection of full range;
3. support the Trojan horse, with a new third generation security engine, five surround system protection;
4. support Browser Intelligent protection, real-time protection IE page and default browser
5. support system vulnerability repair, fast repair system vulnerabilities;
6. supports boot speed, enhance the computer boot speed;
7. support to clean up the garbage, let the system zero burden;
8. supports a key smart software uninstall;

Software screenshot

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The latest version of the official V3.0 2345 security guards

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