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Software introduction

Software label: PowerPoint

Microsoft Office Pow ERP Oint Not only can create presentations, can also be held on the Internet and face-to-face meetings, teleconferencing or on the Internet to the audience to show the presentation. Microsoft Office Powerpoint Does the thing called the presentation, it is a file format, the suffix: Ppt ; or you can save it as a PDF picture format, etc..

Powerpoint2013 referred to as ppt2013, this is a slideshow maker.

The application range of PowerPoint 2013

A complete set of general PPT file contains: Flash titles, animation, PPT cover, preface, catalogue, page, page, picture transition chart, page text pages and the back cover and the end of the movie animation; the material: text, images, graphics, animation, sound, video and other international leading PPT design company; are: themegallery, poweredtemplates, presentationload; China PPT application level increases gradually, and more fields; PPT has become an important part of people's life and work, in the work report, enterprise Propaganda And the field of product promotion, wedding celebration, project bidding, management consulting, education and training plays an important role.

Set the button

Often in the PPT presentation will be used in link function, we can realize the "action" button function. Here, we established a "class" button, the link to the seventeenth slide.
The implementation of the "slide show button animation custom command.
In the slide, drag a button, the system pop-up action settings "" Dialog box .
3 and click the hyperlink to option, and then click the right drop-down button in the pop-up drop-down list in the, Choice "Slide" option, open the "hyperlink to slide" dialog box, select OK to return seventeenth slides.
Right click the button in the pop-up shortcut menu, select "add text" option, and then enter the text (such as "classroom practice").
The set text size, font, adjust the size of the buttons and position it can be in the right position.

With the presentation

PPT document is a presentation is often used to use, will be the company's many activities, the format is very special, because of which often insert many graphics and add some animation, therefore to compare two different presentations, a little trouble, but the use of PowerPoint compared with the presentation function, not only can to compare the changes of two manuscript text, graphics, animation and can be changed in order to find out the changes well known for their presentation. In the operation, compared with PowerPoint and Word presentation function demonstration operation are quite different.
Start the Microsoft office PowerPoint, open the presentation, for example: VPN products.PPT, the implementation of the "tools → compare and merge presentations" command in the pop-up dialog box, choose to compare with other presentations, such as product VPN (modified).PPT, click "merge" button. Then, often will pop up a "one or more presentation is not using the &lsquo file on the menu; ’ ‘ ’ mail recipient (review) send a command prompt box here directly, click" continue "button.
In the open source in the presentation will be displayed on the right side of a "revision" in the task pane, which will enumerate changes for each slide, click the slide changes "in the list box of a modified operation, can directly see the change of specific operation in the slide, if you need a specific step to accept change operation, just check the corresponding operation in front of the box, such as delete" card ". Similar in Word, in comparison with the PPT document, the toolbar will appear on a "revision" tool button, from which you can view the reviewer and whether or not to accept the revision.

 PowerPoint2013 official download

PowerPoint tips

Packing can be all about the presentation are preserved, even links to files or TrueType font is not afraid. Then will generate the Pngsetup.exe package file (all packaged file name to copy) to other computers to unpack.

The process of packaging specifically as follows:

The open package for presentation, and then execute the file / package "command system will pop up the packaging Wizard dialog box.

Click "next" button to enter the "select files" dialog box, which has two choices, we can browse to select other presentations, and allowed to pack multiple files at once.

Choose the file, click "next" button, enter the "target" Wizard dialog box, the default is the floppy drive, but suggest that you select the hard disk access, which not only fast, but not easy to failure, when in need can also be copied to the floppy disk.

Click "next" button to enter the "link" in the dialog box, especially need to pay attention to the link file must be packaged. For the "TrueType embedded font" a best not to choose, because the selected words will greatly increase the size of the package file. May be some friends for beauty will use some special fonts, it recommends using the picture form instead of direct application of font.

Click "next" button to enter the "player" dialog box, if you want to play the presentation in PowerPoint is not installed on the machine, select the "player" Windows95 or NT a.

Click the "next" button to enter the "complete" dialog box, click the finish button to begin the process of packaging, packaging after the end of the work, will give the package success tips, click OK to complete the work package.

To pack the presentation broadcast on the other computer, must be generated to pack unpack the file to the destination computer.

Unpack the specific process as follows:

The double Pngsetup.exe program, running the program will display the dialog box, select the unpacked files required position.

The input of the target folder, click "OK", the system will prompt the user, if there is a file with the same name in the destination folder, unpack the file will overwrite it, click yes".

At the beginning of the unpacking process, after completion will give a presentation has been successfully installed, is now running a slide show, click Yes to play.

Software screenshot

Download address

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