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Microsoft Office Access 2010 Official free full version of the _Access database Access2010 official download | Microsoft Office Access 2010 The score: 8

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Microsoft Office Access The correlation is released by Microsoft data base Management system. It combines Microsoft Jet and Database Engine graphical user interface is one of the two characteristics, system program Microsoft Office.

Access series of software functions:

A, used for data analysis: access has powerful data processing, Statistics Analysis, for access query function, can easily carry out all kinds of summary statistics, the average. And can flexibly set the statistical conditions. Analysis of tens of thousands of records, hundreds of thousands of records and more data at fast speed and convenient operation in statistics, it is Excel Nothing compared. This is reflected in: access, improve work efficiency and work ability.

Two, for the development of software: access used to develop software, such as production management, sales management, Inventory management Etc. Enterprise management software And its biggest advantage is: to learn! Is not a computer professional staff, also can learn. Low cost to meet those engaged in enterprise management personnel management needs, through the software to regulate the behavior of subordinates, colleagues, the implementation of the management thought. (VB,.Net development tools and C language for non computer professionals is too difficult, but access is very easy). This is reflected in: to achieve the management (graduation for non computer majors) developed software of "dream", this is the general staff usually would not dare to think of things.

 Access2010 |Microsoft Office Access official download 2010 free full download the official version of the _Access database

Access2010 features

1, the best and most easy to use.
In Access 2010, you can play the power of community. Using other people to build database model, and share your unique design. The use of pre build by Office Online, a new database model designed for the common work, or model selection and to provide community, custom, to meet your unique needs.

2, for your data on the establishment of a centralized access platform.
Using a variety of data connections, and information link or import from other sources, to integrate your Access statements. You can through the improvement of the "conditional formatting" function and calculation tools, establish a rich, dynamic, rich visual effect report. Access 2010 can support data statements bar effect, let you read the report and people can easily grasp the trend, hole candle machine.

3, anywhere can access your application, or form.
Will your database extends to the Internet, so there is no Access user end users can through the browser to open a web form and report. The database is subject to change, will automatically get the synchronization. 1 or you can deal with your offline network database, design changes and data, and then re connection, these changes will update to Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. Through the Access 2010 and SharePoint Server 2010, you will receive the data centralized protection, according to data backup, and audit regulatory requirements, and improve the accessibility and management ability.

4, let the professional design deeply your Access database.
The familiar, pleasing Office theme, authentic apply to your Access client and network database. You can choose freely in a variety of subjects, or design your unique custom theme, the form and report more beautiful.

5, to drag and drop database add navigation function.
Without writing any code, or any design logic, can create a professional appearance and web navigation function form, let you used a form or report in the use of more convenient. A total of 6 kinds of pre-defined navigation templates, plus a variety of vertical or horizontal tab options. Multi level index tag can be used to display a large number of Access form or report. As long as the drag and drop method, can display the form or report.

6, faster and more easily done.
Access 2010 can simplify the way you find and use various functions. The new Microsoft Office Backstage™ view to replace the traditional function of the file table, let you only need a few clicks, you can publish, backup and database management. Function area design is improved, and further accelerate the speed of your access to commonly used commands. You can customize tab, or set up their own tab, in the way you work to create a personalized experience.

7, use IntelliSense to set up operations, as easy as blowing off dust.
The simplified "expression builder" allows you to quickly and easily build more logical and operation type in the database. Fast information, tips and tools IntelliSense automatically, helps to reduce mistakes, bad luck and death, under the name formula grammar time, take more time to set up the application logic.

The design of giant 8, with fast speed of the hitherto unknown.
Access 2010 has a new macro design tool, you can more easily create and edit and automate database logic. Macro design tools can improve user productivity, reduce the coding error, and easy integration of extremely complex logic, built a stable application. The data of macro combination of logic and data logic will be concentrated in the source table, thereby enhancing the maintainability of your code. You can use more powerful macro design tools and materials of macros, the automation function of Access client extends to SharePoint network database and other applications will update your tables.

9, the template database part into reusable.
The repeated use of database components built by other users of the database, save time and effort. Now, you can be used for Access objects, column or column set store as a template, and added to the database, to improve your productivity. The application component can share to all members of the organization, in order to establish a database application can have consistency.

10, the integration of Access data and real-time network content.
Now, you can through the network services protocol, connect to the data source. You can through the Business Connectivity Services, the web services and business application data into your database establishment. 2 in addition, a new web browser control function, can also allow you to Web 2 to Access in the form of content integration.

This station is available for download access runtime 2010 because of Microsoft's access can not be used alone must support Office can be used normally.

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