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V3.7.0 version of Android APC browser APC mobile phone browser to download | APC browser The users score: 8

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Software introduction

APC Browser This browser with UC, although fame cannot oupeng stream compared but function also is really good, especially the volume. Now the browser in addition to Ou Peng all is big, but oupeng typesetting is flawed, the whole browser is very neat, is the built-in advertising more, but the habit of UC oil probably wouldn't care about this.

Software introduction:

The APC browser compared to UC, QQ, dolphin, 360, Baidu, oupeng browser product, the full realization of all functions (except chicken ribs voice search, and gimmick gestures: you know ~ ~)
1, privacy settings, browse web page settings
2, download management, web screenshot, night mode
3, photo switch, full screen mode, lock screen
4, colorful skin, font size, flow Statistics
5, page mode, favorites, historical records
6, real-time speech translation, HTML5, compatible with high performance flash

 APC<a href= Mobile phone browser Download |APC browser v3.6.7 version of the Android "src=" /upload/soft/UploadPic/2014-10/201410720413681750.jpg "/ >

The advantage of APC browser:

APC browser Is a gimmick to abandon all Navigation The browser software, we only believe that the most practical will be approved. What we do is the most basic needs of the user, the most practical situation of domestic users, by the production team, family selection editing adaptation of mobile phone browsing web site navigation. Sina micro-blog , NetEase News QQ, fml , Watercress Renren.com, happy net, and so are friends Choice The adaptation of mobile phone website, the provincial traffic at the same time than a simple WAP website to show the form of the good.

Update log:

1, modify the human-computer interaction experience, more in line with the needs of users to browse the web operation;
2, save the page, "up" gesture call menu "down" button to hide the excess;

1, the design of the new browser menu page, slide into three screen type, save the page space;
2, adjust the interactive form menu keys, allowing users to obtain the desired function with fewer steps;
3, the design of the new start page, with the positive energy of the text, do the most intimate browser

1, the integration of the right column and menu health, more in line with user habits
2, optimize the kernel speed
3, repair parts B UG

Software screenshot

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