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The Baidu shootout version of the latest version v3.14.1 Android version The Baidu version download | universal gunfight The latest version of Baidu universal gunfight The score: 8

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Mobile Games introduction

Universal gunfight Baidu version FPS is a competitive Mobile game And more exciting Sports games Comparison, fair game environment, end Beauty The operating handle, the more high-end next generation display technology, in the game you can freely jump shot, experience the true ultimate 3D game in the world! "" dozens of universal gunfight game maps and game modes as you Choice , blasting, annihilate, war, fight, capture the flag, grab and gameplay features, achievements handheld gun is not a dream, whenever and wherever possible war, experience the wonderful feeling of mobile battlefield!

The Baidu version features Shootout

A similar CS, CF, FPS Shooting game And played the students will find familiar in the game.

Two, real-time network, provide the construction to the war room hall shooting game player, the latter will have a qualifying system.

Three strong sense of sight, shooting, shooting precise calculation, it starts with headshot, kick off blood.

Four, shooting sounds, synchronized with the bullet gun when issued.

Five, the robot mechanism is better, find the invincible enemy, encounter fire, after the death of the protagonist can watch the robot view.

Six, the weapon system is rich, the battlefield can switch weapons, and can strengthen the self transformation of weapons.

 The latest version of Baidu universal gunfight

The Baidu shootout client evaluation

3D CS reduction effect of shooting the battlefield

The game uses the first person 3D show to everyone, and PC visual experience shooting end is almost no difference, the game background CS used the original map as the prototype in the drawing is more exquisite, characters with unique costumes based gangster. The fighting in the process of fully simulate the original effect of CS, scenes, characters, movements and vision, when shooting aspects will let you have a familiar feeling, not to operate on different, completely can be said to be PC at the end of the game.

Double rocker and pointing position

The operation of PC games and the end or there is a big difference, due to the limitation of the mobile phone screen itself, cause our operation can only use the way to achieve full screen touch. The rocker is arranged in the position control of the lower left corner of the screen, the lower right corner there is a free mobile aiming to control the key, of course you need to shoot just click on the screen. This game is relatively smooth in operation, basically no slack feeling, but it should be compared with the mouse and keyboard, or worse a little touch.

Rich weapons you choose

For shooting game, it is rich in weapons mall must have, as the game player who provides very much from the choice of weapons, pistols, rifles, machine guns, sniper rifle grenades, flares to smoke, and so on, the basic CS can be seen in the arms, it is also found in the game Shopping Mall. No do not discuss weapons mall price problem, said reserves rich enough to explain its sincerity, as long as these weapons, game player they will have a game of power.

The reality of war, qualifying

The game offers three battle mode for the game player who are single mode, the lobby, qualifying the battlefield, single mode for everyone to understand the war machine on the line, this is relatively simple; the lobby is a normal game player battle, his team needed here against the last qualifying battle; by the system automatically matches close game player for the war, and also for the global rankings, you feel the strength is strong enough to challenge the game player inside the list.

Civilian Raiders game player

In a shootout in the game, like other shooting games, want to have good equipment will have to charge money, then in a shootout non R game player should use what firearms do, so that it is not too much worse than the nouveau riche game player, here's a look at the national shooting non R internationally gun selection strategy after reading, You'll see. what the gun.

A, UMP45

The first to talk about micro punch, the gun in the game appearance rate is very high, because it might have 32 terrible, but also the honor point of purchase, rushed it with absolutely no problem, but this gun also has a drawback is too light, especially the fight with this gun attack 32 panel in practice but you may not be so beautiful, because you look carefully, it is slower than the AKM speed so I recommend you, long distance three burst, close into fire.

Two, AKM

Here is the AK series AKM assault rifle, in a power, a panel of 29 high speed, good ballistic, calm feeling, and AKM has zoomed in many functions, this assault rifle is not, can be used as a sniper rifle, when you in the snow, ice transport the ship, the abandoned warehouse Lane BattleForge Shape when opening, long burst, this feeling is very good.

Three, M200

The sniper rifle is mentioned in M200 are many, most of you are playing high game player to promote non R with the sniper, a bit of M200 is stable and the power range, but after all civilian weapons, M200 not to go, but also worth starting.

Four, M1014

I have been called shotgun called child dishes artifact believe you to level 10 will know what is not dead for others to do the wedding dress. This kind of thing, abuse of thin blood rookie on the line, after all, no matter how you 10 have a bulletproof vests.

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