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Microsoft Visual c++ (x86/x64) win7/win8 Chinese version 6 VC6.0 official download win7 64 | Microsoft Visual c++ 6 (x86/x64) The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: VC6.0 VC

VC6.0 Download the official win7 64 Is a very good C language programming software . Support win7, win8 operating system installation and use! C++ software has built-in powerful editing function. Contains the support in the British version of the installation program, the user can choose according to need to download!

Software introduction

The official VC6.0 win7 Chinese version of the perfect support for Win7 and Win XP system, pro test is available, fully available in Windows7 64 and Windows7 32 and Windows XP, vc6.0 win7 Chinese download the official version, and VC6.0 win7 English download the official version of the 2 versions, the two version is VC6.0 version, free KEY free activated, permanently available. Welcome to download the user installed in green resources network.

 Microsoft Visual c++ 6

Visual C++ 6 official version simplified version Chinese installation instructions

1, after the installation of the software on the desktop and start menu shortcuts are established.

2, this version is suitable for C++ application of Computer Rank Examination on environment and general.

3, VC6.0 general patch: especially suitable for solving the Compiling. "... Error, spawning cl.exe "error. Method of use: exit VC, run the file, click "yes", and then start the VC, you can solve the problem.

4, the system is installed, if the examination system that VC is not installed, does not affect the use. Start VC from the shortcut to the desktop, and then open the debugging process, debugging can not affect the examination score system.

VC6.0 official download win7 64 bit operation skills:

1, open the Microsoft Visual C++ 6;

2, select File: new |, select "project" in the open dialog box, choose "Win32 Console Application", fill in the "project name", "location", "ok";

Then in the choice of new file: |, select the file in the open dialog box"

3, in the choice of "C++Source file", fill in the "file name" select "OK", so as to set up one. CPP file;

In 4. Write your C code in the cpp file can be written in code, after the tool below such an icon, in order to compile and link, you can run.

Common problem

1, the VC++ 6 serial number should fill in?

The free version of the serial number, if you want to enter the serial number is full of "1".

After the installation of 2, "Error spawning error" is how is it?

After the installation of "Error spawning error" can see some green software to find solutions below: click on the VC TOOLS (tool) - > Option (select) "- >" Directories (directory) "path to re set the" Excutable Fils, Include Files, Library Files, Source Files ". Many things may be a different letter (for example, your VC is installed on the C, but all of these paths in D), you can change it.

Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0.

Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0, referred to as VC6.0, is Microsoft 1998 launched a C++ compiler, integrated MFC 6.0, contains the Standard Version (Standard Edition) (Professional Edition), the professional edition and Enterprise Edition (Enterprise Edition). The issue has been widely used in large and small project development. (however, this version of Windows running under XP there will be a problem, especially in the case of the debug mode (for example, the value of the static variable is not displayed). The debugging problem can be solved by a play called "Visual C++ 6 Processor Pack" patch).

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Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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The 33 floor Guangdong, Shenzhen telecom users guests Published: 2019/2/10 17:47:15
For a long time, are ready to purchase a computer, finally solved. Thank you very much.

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Ha ha,,, for too long.

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Thirty-first, Beijing happy net friends guests Published: 2017/4/27 15:43:18
You can use, thank you

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Niubi, can.

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The twenty-ninth floor of the guest users Published: 2016/12/3 16:34:52
Pro test can be used, I hereby guarantee.

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The twenty-eighth floor Sichuan Mianyang railway guest users Published: 2016/11/22 11:52:05
Tested, can be used.

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Twenty-seventh, Shanxi Shuozhou telecom users guests Published: 2016/6/26 8:17:17
Good use of HA

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The twenty-sixth floor of the Shandong telecom users guests Published: 2016/7/21 16:24:08
Win10 finally found a perfect run, praise, recommended test two C language students, good fun

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The twenty-fifth floor Sichuan Nanchong railway guest users Published: 2016/6/19 15:52:33
Really good!

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The twenty-fourth building of Guangdong education network users to guests Published: 2016/6/3 18:46:06
Really good ah

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