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Universal five stroke input method the computer version of the latest version of the official v9.7.3.08185 Universal Wubi input method 2017| official download Universal Wubi input method computer version The score: 8

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Software introduction

universal Wubi input method Two thousand and seventeen Is a collection of Pinyin, strokes, English and other Wubi input mode Typewriting Also, support mixed input mode, fully meet the needs of users, greatly improve the input speed. Quickly download experience!

Universal five pen The 2017 input method

Universal five pen is a domestic popular five strokes and Pinyin English, Stroke Multiple input method, as one of the many strokes + Pinyin input method. Software is the brainchild of Deng Shiqiang, universal input method started with the "Music Code" is also called "fast pen", its name comes from its input speed is fast". Now called "universal express pen". Superior in principle and Practice on Wubizixing, "the advantages of Wubi is less weight code and fast, but the disadvantage of not only split Chinese characters is very complicated and difficult to learn to forget. "Pen" the quintessence is easy to use, and the input speed is faster than wubizixing.

Universal Wubi input method 2017 features

The input is accurate, stable and smooth

The new version into the lexicon algorithm underlying full reconstruction optimization, version in pinyin Wubi input sentence input accuracy, fluency, greatly enhance the overall win10 compatibility, give you a new input experience

Chinese first, multiple input

Decade of grinding sword, omnipotent Wubi Wubi input method is not only good for support, and Pinyin, mixed transport, Shuangpin input and meet all of your needs!

Focus on the core, concise and fluent

As a type of software, we discard redundant functions, low computer memory, which is one of the most pure regression input demand. Perfect input experience is always our pursuit!

One click login, synchronous Thesaurus

A key installation, fast download exclusive technology, enjoy the speed of installation, the third party who will bring you the dictionary, thesaurus, whenever and wherever possible call!

Intelligent Cloud words, more accurate typing

With big data cloud input, the current popular statement! Accurate typing, let the fingertips extraordinary input speed!

Update log

V9.7.3 update:

1. optimized win10 system compatibility issues

2. optimizes the font color for the skin after the change of the rules

3. repair some of the scenes the cursor does not follow the problem

4. repair under win10 in the IE11 input causes IE stuck problems

5. fixes a long time input input method will lead to collapse of the problem

6. repair five Pinyin mixed transmission, five pen four cloud code word problem

Software screenshot

Download address

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Convenient, fast and practical.

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