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Samsung Samsung printer software v4.1.1, the latest version of the doctor The doctor | download Samsung printer Samsung Samsung printer doctor software The score: 8

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Software introduction

Samsung Printer Doctor Fault diagnosis is a tool designed for Samsung printer to create the fault scanning Abnormal remind smart repair function. Come to the Green Resources Network Download experience!

What is the Samsung printer?

Is a specialized in Samsung printer driver, a program, the main function is to detect the printer, when the problems of things will pop up a window prompts the user.

 Samsung printer doctor Download

Samsung printer doctor function

Clean up scanner scan head dirty, need to clean the scan head comm. (Communication) error communication error, the transmission signal is not good, you can try again. Cover open machine front cover does not cover, shall cover. Cutter jam fax paper in paper cutting, remove fax paper, reload.

Disconneted transmission line outage, beat the phone to check the line.

Document jam file is stuck, it may be a file or file not being put too long. Open the lid, remove the file cover cover, back into the file and adjust the position to send.

Error code print out error code print.

Hang up phone hung up the phone.

Junk mail prohibitor junk mail prohibitor.

Memory full memory full.

No document no manuscript.

No response/busy/ no ans greeting called the wrong number or busy, check the number and try again.

Over temperature fax machine high temperature.

The paper roll empty fax paper out.

Printer overheated printer overheating.

Recording paper jam recording paper jam.

Remove document clear paper folder.

Scanner error scanning error, scanning head cleaning.

Total errors total error number (the file is too long).

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