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4399 mobile phone game box version of the latest version of Android v4.8.0.24 2019 The 4399 game box to download and install | The 4399 version of the 2019 mobile phone game box The score: 8

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Mobile Games introduction

Four thousand three hundred and ninety-nine Game box Mobile phone edition Is the 4399 game network launched Mobile Games box Mobile Games, a collection of free download, information, social and other functions in one Mobile Games center; play 4399 Mobile game The box can also win game currency, bill, free charge before the game to earn. Quickly download experience!

4399 game box Mobile phone version introduction

Mobile phone games, the 4399 game box! Mobile Games artifact worth having!

4399 is the 4399 official game box to build boutique Mobile Games platform In the game, games, recommendation, boutique gift, game forum , Social interest In one.

Lightweight design with a good user experience, can be used in interactive communication, friends circle game discussion for help, display of personal style and many other features, you can install the game player through whenever and wherever possible recommend boutique games, games, video commentary professional game evaluation, hot The gaming community Let them swim, game player, playing patience!

 The 4399 version of Android mobile phone game box

4399 mobile phone game Box features

1. in the mood, sharing games, friends dynamic.

2. new game circle, subscribe to their circle

3. popular activities, high quality package, a lot of welfare square

Earn coins, Q coins, 4. tour fee, free of charge game

 4399 mobile phone version of the game box

Update log

V4.8.0.24 update

1, the message box in a week Jiayou station, big run hot game

2, the game details page layout optimization, and more beautiful

3, support mobile phone number + SMS verification code login, more convenient

4, dynamic video slide switch, nice video brush does not stop

5, support post video, drying out your game spirit

6, the new game record game time, drop record company update

The new [function]

1, global search, search and live game support ring

2, game search results display game related activities

3, make an appointment and open test games, new games

4, page classification column, new manufacturer

5, game reviews into the next draft, edit


1, repair of the 4.5 versions of some models open / post flash back

2, repair of the 4.6 versions of some models back after the installation of flash back

Mobile Games.

Download address

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The second floor xiangtan411201 Unicom guest users Published: 2017/6/26 22:50:44
The 4399 version of mobile phone game box inside the game really, can also play 4399 game, very convenient

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First, Hubei Wuhan telecom users guests Published: 2014/11/29 17:58:43
There is not a lot of games, but I love the

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