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The cow (a lot of auxiliary tools to fight the dust) the latest version of v0.2.19.0 Dust cow software download | The cow (a lot of auxiliary tools to fight the dust) The score: 8

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Software introduction

The dust of cattle Is a very easy to use Fight a lot Auxiliary tools, support ranking products on the computer, you can batch delivery, management and office more convenient, welcome friends in need to download the use of green resources!

The official introduction

Dust cattle software, stop the fight a lot of service software, is composed of a Online retailers For operating on the basis of the technical research and development team. Dust cow software to enhance business efficiency, save time and cost for the purpose, to optimize the electricity supplier operating workflow from multiple dimensions. Query ranking, automatic driving, warning report, every function is honest to help operators improve work efficiency. In the limited time, electricity traders can more efficiently complete the tasks.

Dust cow software function

1. speed of delivery

Automatic generation of single express, a key bulk to complete delivery

 The latest version of bovine dust

No more than 1 minutes faster operation

Order - order synchronous screening Choice Express delivery - a key

2. query ranking

Multi product, multi dimension, fast query key

Choose the product ID and keywords, click the query, you can quickly find the products ranked

Greatly reduce the query ranking of the operating frequency, shorten the search time, improve work efficiency

At the same time can query multiple ranking

Software screenshot

Download address

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