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Reno customer management software registration free v6.50 latest version Reno customer management software download crack | Reno customer management software registration free machine The score: 8

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Software introduction

Reno customer management version Is a powerful Customer management software , provide abundant function module, can help users to easily manage the client interface is simple, easy to use, effectively improve the efficiency of users, welcome to download the green resources!

Reno customer management software

Reno customer management software CRM marketing concept design based on advanced set of customer files, sales records, business in one, to gather customer relationship and improve resource value as the core, potential customers will be turned into reality, so as to enhance the customer sales, improve customer satisfaction and increase the competitiveness of enterprises.

Customer management software version to Reno

1, customer information for effective management, construction and maintenance of the "value" of customer relationship, improve the operational efficiency of enterprises.

2, to promote the marketing, to further enhance customer value, strive for more new customers.

 The latest version of Reno customer management

3, simple and practical functions, such as schedule, commodity price, sales, Customer service Visit and other functions, help staff to improve work efficiency.

4, through the use of analysis and Statistics The report, more convenient for the decision to provide an accurate basis for.

5, through the analysis and statistics of customer demand, consumer behavior and economic situation, improve the core competitiveness of enterprises.

Reno customer management function version

Commodity management 1, complete classification of goods, supports unlimited layers, to meet your various needs;

2, a detailed record of customer purchase records and quotation, sales data at a glance;

3, support for custom report;

4, export customer E-mail, derived from the customer's email address for mailing;

5, a variety of statements, you can easily print labels and envelopes of customer information;

7, direct support from Excel Import data;

8, a list of all the operations are easy to export to Excel;

Customer information and contact information management 9, comprehensive, support multiple contacts.

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