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The 2019 karaoke v6.0.6.278 the latest version of Android official version A karaoke app to download and install 2019| The latest version of 2019 K song The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Full k song Karaoke app

Full k song The latest version of the 2019 version of mobile phone Tencent Inc is the official launch of a mobile phone, app. With karaoke, tuning, live, Chorus And a variety of functions, such as gifts here, regardless of whether you can sing, as long as you love to sing, you can sing can also be bold, PK and others, who sing well, can make complaints about interact with friends. Quickly download experience!

The 2019 version of the k song

As the first Tencent K dating applications, "all the original songs" k song duet passages function, and has intelligent scoring, interesting tuning, friends, fun and interactive functions.

 A karaoke version of the mobile phone

Wuyinbuquan? Can also sing!

The song, is to tell you: "you really can sing!"

Because we are social acquaintances singing karaoke KTV Dalei software based on software PS!

Love is so!

The k song features app

1, karaoke mode

A specified paragraph, the intelligent scoring system of Japan and South Korea Cantonese songs to help you quickly upgrade the phonogram, singing.

2, friends.

Friends and fight song, fight for Leizhu throne.

3, massive.

The massive high-quality original singer audio accompaniment and give you the best music experience.

4, interesting tuning

Simulation of theatre, concert of reverberation of sound, but also free to become male or female.

5, interactive fun

To send a barrage of friends works to friends to send flowers, interactive fun, fun, odd poor.

6, social sharing

The works to share QQ , WeChat And QQ space, let more people become your fans.

 Full k song download

The mobile phone version of karaoke function

The massive Accompaniment - quality music library cover songs hot song.

VOD Taiwan - classification set, personalized recommendation, here can always find the song you want to sing.

The mixer - high pitch does not matter, the tone is too low does not matter, the fingers move, you want to circle the mixer.

Chorus - at any time to invite friends and support star chorus, chorus, and all the friends here to sing the same song.

You can watch live karaoke - like singing vocals, and his interaction, but also their own when the lead anchor.

K - not contest will be held on a regular basis on various topics of the game, not Kuaizai dating to the song!

Private letter - voice that I met you, let you know my private letter, then we use the letters said quietly.

What is the most enjoyable music - fun barrage . Of course is to make complaints about! Let you appreciate the work and audio-visual, and a new fun!

Flowers gift --- met God, praise can you give generously, see who and who you! Fate is so casual!

Green privilege every day more than any other user login flowers oh! Wuyinbuquan can also sing!

Collection -- to hear the song, a key collection, my mother no longer worried that I can't find a good song to listen!

The black flash back solution

1. we first look at the system version of his mobile phone, is not too low, if the system version is too low it is likely there will be software incompatibilities, if we allow the conditions we can upgrade A mobile phone system.

2. is probably too much of our background of open procedures, resulting in flash back, we can check the background program, some unnecessary procedures are closed, so you can release a part of memory, will not flash back.

3. there are some mobile phone if installed in the mobile phone memory program too much, it will cause the system to Caton and software flash back, we look at their own national karaoke is installed or the memory card in the mobile phone.

4. download is not the official version, if we are IOS mobile phone, we download the software through the third party software, it is likely there will be flash back, but usually third party stores will flash back to repair this function, you can find it.

To enhance the level.

1. intelligent scoring, practice more than sing

Singing is a prerequisite for rapid upgrade, more people to practise the karaoke song.

2. songs with good

Many people came to your work to work with a nice attractive cover.

3. let your friends to refuel

How to publish and share them with friends, let friends come to cheer for you.

4. positive interaction

Positive and good friends, fans for your support.

The national level can be through the above method, to improve and no more shortcut, so I want to quickly upgrade it more popular karaoke sing, we work more, listen to your songs of many people, you will naturally enhance the level.

Update log

[new] Recorded the song KTV mode upgrade, full screen MV sing better

[new] released KTV mode on the line, the original MV works collocation is more beautiful

[new] intelligent mixer Sound Black technology, sing sing more easily

[new] fans of new features, such as your number one fan

[new] songs found page revision, K good voice here

Developer: Tencent

Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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The second floor of Shanxi Datong telecommunications users guests Published: 2017/7/16 18:33:20
People love to play K song, although I not sing, but the brother is to sing

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First, China Unicom users guests Published: 2017/4/4 11:36:52
Good ha ha ha ha ha

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