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Baidu SkyDrive speed upload control v2.0.0.3 official version The cloud upload control official download | Baidu SkyDrive speed upload control The score: 8

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Software introduction

Baidu Cloud Upload speed control Is a very good use of transmission management software , Support file seconds pass, HTTP, support 4G upload large files, upload a single file to support 1000 support for IE, Google. Browser Multi browser. Welcome to download the green resources!

Baidu cloud upload control update log:

Web update: 2013 6 March 03
To update the content:

 Baidu cloud client upload control

1, the new hot resource recommendation, in view popular shared resources sharing page
Web update time: 2013 years 01 months 06 days
To update the content:
1, the new private share links
2, the new share to QQ space, Tencent microblogging, and NetEase micro-blog
Web update time: 2012 years 12 months 03 days
To update the content:
1, the new features of merge duplicate contacts
2, support the creation of contact group, delete group
3 to optimize the data station contact recovery display order
Web version update: November 30, 2012 update:
1, enhance the speed of upload upload speed control

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