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Her sister diary VR unlimited gold apple V2.9 iPhone version Her sister VR cracked version IOS download | diary Her sister VR unlimited Gold Edition Apple diary The score: 8

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The game is introduced

Her sister diary VR cracked version of IOS The simulation is Mobile Games picture and voice quality designed for Apple users to create very high, although not yourself Pinched face However, the characters and scenes are beautiful yo, the game has cracked for unlimited gold, love VR Mobile Games friends quickly download it to green resources network!

 Her sister diary VR version IOS Download

Her sister. VR game brief introduction

Well, she is the leader, go!

Yes, remember to buy him some beautiful clothes oh!

Do you want to take her out, accidentally dumped you. Oh, she would love to go to the playground, I tell you.

She said, the most love to go to the seaside and catch crabs, the... Remember, don't let the crab clip to you oh!

In addition, although we provide 360 degree panoramic view, but also not peep her clothes, she will be angry.

When drinking in a bar to protect her.

Okay, well I don't talkative.

The place you're going to call... Call... Called Paradise Island!

What are you waiting for?

Quickly into your own Paradise Island!

Update log

1: massage function can be added from the hotel in.

2: new ways to get gold - Archery Open game player can enter from the beach.

3: the details of the optimization.

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