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Music Master Apple purchase cracked version of the v1.0.2 version of iPhone Le Master moving IOS crack version download | Music Master insourcing version of apple The users score: 8

  • Software size: 64.6M
  • Software language: Chinese
  • Software type: domestic software
  • Software Categories: free software / game scene
  • Update: 2017-02-21
  • Software level: 4
  • The official website: Http://
  • Operating environment: Apple iOS
  • Software vendors:

Software size: 64.6M

top Comments: 50% One
step on Bad review: 50 A step

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Software introduction

Daren Music Activity IOS crack version Is a game player by the majority of music class Mobile game The game, based on Chinese pop music, it has a mass of well-known singer of songs as you choose, love the game of musical friends quickly download experience green resources network!

Music Master IOS version introduction

App Store the first Chinese music game's first iPad masterpiece the first Chinese on-line! Mobile phone game music Permanent, free, regularly updated!

"Music" Master is the first domestic development, to Chinese pop music as the main medium of leisure game music. The game contains more than well-known singer of songs, but also to love world music students to "Pathetique third chapter", by netizens network songs, is the first, original, set 100 taste in a diversified music game.

 Le Master moving IOS crack version

"Le" Master dynamic covers Chinese music including Jay Chou, Stefanie Sun, Eason Chan, Jolin, Show Luo, Fish Leong, SHE, Angela Chang, Kenji Wu, Christine Fan, Elva Hsiao, Willber Pan, Chang Csun Yuk, FIR, Su

Hit the green, Steve Chou, Yoga Lin, BY2, Stanley Huang, Lara, a number of well-known singers of popular songs, but also Beethoven, Hector jeek famous musicians such as classic songs.

Music Master IOS cracked version of the game features

"Le" is both dynamic features Master triple bond and bond 4 game modes, can feel the charm of music games, can also challenge stronger, even the world's best pleasure rhythm, a game player game mode will bring a different gaming experience. In addition, the game also caring for the game player to micro-blog The function of sharing, as long as the game player like you can with micro-blog friends whenever and wherever possible PK achievement, experience sharing.

"Music" to Master dynamic screen design, the exquisite precision of the music rhythm and is committed to creating a Chinese pop music game boutique attracted attention in the domestic and overseas game player. The "music" itself is a dynamic Master music theme Casual games Therefore, in the game to collect the different characteristics of the pop music. The picture of the game is relatively simple, basic is a background image, did not have many changes, this compared to DJMAX movable background is somewhat not worth mentioning, but after all, is Mobile Games, the request can not be too high.

Although the music game is mainly dominated by music, but still lack a lot is known, this is a badge collection, and other achievements in the game, in addition to no other game features, looking forward to "new music" Master instinct perfect, add such as movable background, character Head portrait Beat, skin and other functions.

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Software screenshot

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Music Master Apple purchase cracked version of the v1.0.2 version of iPhone

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