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Software introduction

E Xueyun Teaching Is the development of Suzhou Orange Network Technology Co. Ltd. a Online education platform Now, app is mainly aimed at education loopholes, students will not do the job, the school did not understand, parents don't teach the vicious spiral, it contains a database key to help students be able to search the answer you want, but comes to explain the function to ensure that children understand so far, is a very practical mobile phone app, love to green download network resources!

E Xueyun introduction teaching

"E cloud" is the education platform, with three through two platform "education informatization policy guidance, comprehensive use of networking and Big data Processing technology to build data repository, build large data center system, power China education reform. Focus on teaching and learning, dedicated to different levels, different types of user education system to provide personalized, diversified and high quality education services.

 E Xueyun teaching app Download

E Xueyun introduced the teaching function

| interactive whiteboard |: across the fingertips, is wisdom

| im |: a mass of information, instant touch up, home school communication good helper

| points mall |: small integral use, the mass of goods for you to exchange

| work release |: Excellent questions, easy post operation, automatic Correcting The traditional. homework correcting Way to say goodbye

| | learning situation analysis: Master Students trajectory With the advantage of weak subjects, at a glance, to start teaching next

E Xueyun app teaching advantage

1. interface module: the original work, and adjust teaching space, news, my 5 adjustment module for teaching, working table, message, my 4 modules. To make the software more fit user habits, enhance the user experience.

2. of the original work, learning into teaching module, interface layout adjustment.

3. for integral rule reconstruction optimization. The integral for the rule is more reasonable.

4. new classes of the wrong title of this function, a key to see the wrong class.

5. users use logic, enhance the user experience. The corresponding optimization adjustment for other functions and interfaces of APP.

The 6. day notice whether to open the new login detection function. Avoid the user does not receive the notice of the situation caused by the open notification function

E Xueyun Android version highlights Teaching

Online schools: stay at home enjoy the world, from the examination oriented education to say goodbye.

Looking around the surrounding Education: teachers and institutions, with high-quality resources, convenient! Wayward!

The headline Education: there is only the personality education information

You ask me answer: Rich Fan Art Q & A Community, as the saying goes, the Three Stooges surpass Zhu Geliang.

User evaluation

E cloud product positioning will return to basic education, focus on teaching and learning, dedicated to different levels, different types of user education system to provide personalized, diversified and high quality education services.

The overall construction of the modernization of education has entered a new stage of development, the orange shares e cloud platform from the initial "three through two platform construction, with an irresistible force engaged in education information transfer process.

Developer: Suzhou Orange Network Technology Co. Ltd.

Software screenshot

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