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The official version of pes2017ios Is a very fun football Mobile Games, Project Phoenix The major league play, reduction of classic gameplay, game realistic, love football friends do not miss. So what, come to download green resources demo !

 The official version of pes2017ios

Pes2017ios official version of the game

" Football 2017 "Is issued by the Konami of a football Sports games Is a famous. The football game Series " Live football "The sequel. The game is not only in quality than before has been improved, but also has "REAL TOUCH" system, player movement power vivid to show up, so the height and range will be playing N possible, it has a vital role in the reduction of the real game. In addition, also increased and LEVEL "and" corner ".

The Chinese version of pes2017ios game mode

Show : the equivalent of a quick match (on the Internet, and local friends or against the computer), game player can Choice "Football" authorized fast game tournament (La Liga champions, you can choose AFC Champions League, etc.).

Fast game : players can choose to play the game (in support of the local team four online).

Online panoramic : online game.

The game room players : players enter the game room (as a player) waiting waiting for distribution, in a game with other players for the game (the team can be customized).

Team game room : enter the game room waiting for a game, with a maximum of 22 players of the same game, 22 people were played two teams with a total of 22 outfield players.

UEFA Champions League : Champions League at least need is the major European top three teams qualify (if the region's football career better) so that they may get a league fourth teams can participate in the qualifying places. In the Champions League group phase, each team can score more higher into the playoffs, in a double elimination tournament format, the final choice in the position to match the showdown.

UEFA Champions League preliminaries: divided into 12 groups, each group of 4 teams and tournament, each head two (total 24 teams) will join the Champions League preliminary round group group of third, a total of 32 teams qualify for the playoffs.

AFC : the teams from the AFC's top 11 league. The AFC Champions League game mode and the other Asian Club Championship, but the final is different, the main road is AFC Champions League final double format, in other words the final also take double knockout competition, also to calculate the away goal, only two team scores, away goal is the same, will enter into the penalty shootout.

Here are the League League : players can choose the race game alone.

Cup : here the league players can individually choose the cup game.

Online events : attended by online competitions, to participate in the tournament player is all real players. Access to the online games, the test between himself and the strength of the gap between the game player in the world.

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