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Pes2017ios official version (live soccer 2017) V1.1.0 Apple Chinese version Pes2017ios Download Pes2017ios official version (live soccer 2017) User ratings: 8

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Introduction to the game

Pes2017ios official version It's a very fun football game. Project Phoenix Play, restore the classic game of major league games, realistic game, like football friends must not miss. What are we waiting for? Let's download the green resources website. demo !

 Pes2017ios official version

Pes2017ios official version of the game introduction

" Reality football 2017 "Is a football produced by Konami. Sports games It is famous. The football game Series " Live soccer The sequel. The game has been upgraded not only in the quality of the picture but also in the "REAL TOUCH" system, and the player's athletic power will be displayed vividly, so the height and range of the kick can be N possible, which plays a vital role in restoring the real stadium. In addition, "offensive and defensive LEVEL" and "corner kick tactics" are added.

Pes2017ios Chinese version of competition mode

Exhibition match It's pretty fast. It can compete on the Internet, on the local side, with friends or computers. Choice "Live football" has been authorized to compete quickly in tournaments (the Spanish League, the Champions League, the Asian champions and so on).

Fast game: players can choose teams to compete (supporting local four people online).

Online Panorama: online competition.

Player's room: enters the player (play the player) the match room to wait for the assignment, in one match carries on the competition with other players (the team may customize).

Team competition room: entering the competition room waiting for the distribution, a game of up to 22 players to play the same game, 22 players played two teams 22 players.

UEFA Champions League: to participate in the Champions League, the top three teams in European major league matches are eligible (if the football development in that area is better), then they can get a place with fourth place in the League to qualify for qualifying matches. In the UEFA Champions League group, the teams with higher scores in each group can enter the knockout stage, and the elimination matches will be carried out in the host and guest field double competition system.

UEFA Europa League: the preliminaries are divided into 12 teams, each of which has 4 teams to conduct a host and guest round robin. Each group of two players (24 teams) will join the Champions League group in third preliminaries, and 32 teams will qualify for the elimination tournament.

AFC: the top 11 teams from AFC are the teams. The pattern of the Asian championship is similar to that of other club champions, but the final finals are different. The Asian Championship final is divided into two main teams. In other words, in the finals, the double competition system is also adopted in the finals, and the goal is also calculated. Only when the two teams score and the goals are scored at the same time, will they enter the penalty shootout.

League: the league players here can individually choose all competitions to play games.

Cup: the league players here can choose each cup individually to play the game.

Online tournaments: players who participate in Online Cup / league matches are all real players. Enter the online competition and test the strength gap between players and the world's players.

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