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Students earn money v9.55 version of Android mobile phone Students earn app download | Students earn money mobile phone The users score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Students earn Money app

Students earn app will let each students achieve fast money in the online experience, the use of this software can easily complete the task, to win the reward points, so as to be able to make money now, let you use leisure time to make easy money!

The official introduction

It is designed for students to create Mobile phone software to make money . The daily push rich tasks, students only need to complete the task given students earn, you can get the corresponding reward, free money. It also can be a key to cash Alipay Or prepaid recharge oh! Student friends, hurry to download it green resources network!

 Students earn app

Make the students

Students earn is first designed for students to build the mobile phone Chinese platform.

Students earn in August 2013 Android officially released version, the launch date, has 20 million users!!

The students make a new user registration directly sent 3 yuan red envelope, download a APP experience to earn 5 hair, really is 10 minutes to earn 10 yuan!

In addition to the free exchange of students earn coins, compared to the benefits of the lock screen, Coffee money Red envelopes, lock screen, cool and draw money and mobile phone money, there are QQ members, Alipay Caifutong CMCC WiFi free card recharge, and also can be exchanged for charging treasure, U disk, calendar, wallpaper, 360wifi kind prizes.

Students earn from the early version of mobile phone money originator M making Play (M: m is the originator of earn earn money, domestic mobile phone software applications, follow the trend of the emergence of many launched such as: money, money, money, coffee, money Master, micro errands, gold, 91 micro part-time, to gold, money, Hui coffee student version of the lock screen, red lock screen daily, lock screen, free Master, money money, cool coffee row lock screen, financial stocks, loans and other mobile phone applications), money and Wangzhuan but in later versions, students earn by operating activities, optimize the user experience, improve user incentives, gradually in the new users, users daily living after rice make, become the new leader in the mobile phone industry to make money.

Matters needing attention

In 1. you download, install and use the recommended application process first, not to close the current application; first the actual use of recommended application time not less than 1 minutes, to ensure you can immediately get points.

2. if you install the recommended application requires free registration, login or read the license agreement and other operations, usually you will in order to successfully log or the actual use of the main function points.

The application can only install your mobile phone before 3. has never been installed to ensure the integral, and repeat the installation uninstall application will not give bonus points; obtain complete integral, suggestions do not delete the recommended application installed, most of them have the following sign get more integral, otherwise you may not be able to get more sign points.

4. if the network is not immediately cause the installation can get points Choice Download other applications, or try the next day.

About 5. products, any suggestions or questions, may at any time through the feedback function to us your feedback problems, can also be through the software to give us feedback; customer service will help you to answer in the first time.

Update log

V8.42 update:

A new experience

More perfect service

The new channel assignment

Add depth to the task

The new sun single exchange

Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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The second floor Hebei Shijiazhuang railway guest users Published: 2015/7/10 3:13:35
Good software is worth a try

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The first floor Sichuan Nanchong railway guest users Published: 2015/6/16 10:51:36
It's very easy to use.

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