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WeChat activate your baby face pack picture HD free Activate your baby | expression package download WeChat activate your baby face pack pictures The score: 8

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Software introduction

The baby successfully activated expression package is small did not think nowadays expression package has been advanced to this extent, can actually be made form of expression package, let you continue to develop a small baby, it is very interesting, we can experience oh!

WeChat The activation of baby face pack

This expression package in the baby has many, if lovers and close friends can use this expression package, can let your partner feel very warm experience!

 Activate your baby face pack

Reactivation of small lovely package

1, please Choice Activation of 1, 2, 3, clap hug kiss

2, your baby has gone into hibernation

3, connect again, whether to activate your baby

4, you have more than 1 hours without you baby

5, please carry out your choice to activate your baby

6, because you long time not your baby, TA will enter a dormant state

7, whether

8, please re select the activation of 1, 2 to buy a bag, buy lipstick

9, choose the time has, activation failed, activate the difficulty upgrade

Special introduction

Is a special group for girls use routine series Funny face pack Can be used for routine, your other half, can let you through the expression package an easy job to do to get what you want, such as lipstick bag!

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