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The dbc2000 database (dbcommander 2000 Pro) for win7/xp 32&64 v6.8 Chinese simplified version Dbc2000 Chinese Chinese version | The dbc2000 database (dbcommander PRO 2000) The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Dbc2000 data base

The legend of dbc2000 Chinese Chinese version 6.8 Is dedicated to the erection of a variety of Legends data base Dbc2000, a small series with 64 downloads, including 32, and dbc2000 finished patch and Fillmore, win7, XP, win10 system can be used, quickly download experience!

Dbc2000 Chinese Chinese version 6.8 instructions

Open the installation of V6.6 decided to close then open and then open the DBC2000 file to determine the registration at the registration is successful

upgrade File ~6.8

Please install DBC2000V6.6 before upgrading

Then you use this program to upgrade 6.8

Choice C:\Program Files\DB Commander 2000 PRO\ directory

And then determine the UNZIP upgrade successfully

Dbc200 finished the installation tutorial

1, extract the green resources net download dbc200 package, select and match their server 32 or 64 dbc2000 software;

2, here in 32 as an example, click on the "DBC_2000.EXE" has been the point of the next step can be successfully installed;

3, the Chinese patch folder "DB_Commander.ExE" copy to C:\Program Files\DB Commander PRO [2000] in the cover can be finished;

4, click the "register.Exe" software registration.

5, the following began to create the database: click the start menu settings control panel -DBEadministrator;

6, click Objiect and select New

7, after the new project STANDARD will be renamed HeroDB, and in the back right click on the PATH "..." Button to select the path legend data, the general default is D:\Mirserver\Mud2\DB (if no special circumstances, we regard the legend server on the D disk);

8, set the DBC to the desktop, open the DBC icon in the lower left corner, open the HeroDB database alias / see data appeared, was installed successfully.

Dbc200 use

64 the latest Windows7 system does not fully support the software. But with the Win7 system in the continuous popularization, using a 64 bit system is also more and more. The official has released the 64 version, use the Windows system 64 can be erected above the legend, handed down, back, outside.

Update log

New features in version 6.8

Have the ability to perform a query parameter driving a file from the command line.

New features in version 6.71

Clipboard Let the record to / from the function. Excel Copy / paste

Update the export to text file from the database, rather than around the value ", contains spaces.

New features in version 6.6

The parameters can import the text file command line driven.

New in version 6.51

The parameters of FTP command line driven query results.

Fixed issue export memo field,

New in version 6.2

Delete the 16 and other dependence

New in version 6.1

The output path and file new command line driven task AutoLog file name?? options.

Enhanced filtering options.

Close the filter options, and output will be selected

To expand the scale of 4000 characters in the "add column" option"

New features in version 6

Increase automatic mode parameters connected to the task is to execute command line parameter driving. Now it can be scheduled for execution and transfer records...

Rapid screening options from the pop-up menu in the selected field values.

New priority transmission, delete and statement of "multi choice option".

Picture transmission field enhanced mapping of drag and drop.

Fixed a SQL query window to create a script problem.

Corrected read BLOB value problem.

Software screenshot

Download address

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