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Gigi audio v2.8.2.1 latest official version Gigi audio player download | Gigi audio The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Gigi audio Video player

Gigi audio Qvod core, multi-functional, personalized player software based on. Nora A new integrated playback engine, video on demand technology not only supports the independent research and development, and is free of BT on demand software, users need only a few minutes can be buffered by direct viewing of the rich BT film and television program.

Function introduction

Full format support

Full format, broadcast side, enjoy HD

Playback speed

Broadcast side, ready to drag see you love

Flexible demand

With the point of view, flexible grasp on demand, free time

Completely free

You can watch the download and install

Watch the record

Automatically record the viewing position, and then to watch again

Character set

Support custom settings to meet your personal preferences

Update log

V2.8.1.2 2015.05.19 update records:
1, according to the index data correction problem play MKV file
2, modified damage index data file compatible problems
3, modified LAN file interception problem without thumbnails
4, the modified win8 system play WMV will crash
5, fix some RMVB format will crash
6, modified small files not playing.
7, modified under certain conditions appear dead circulation problems
8, fixed onto the end of the file and occasionally death cycle problems
9, fixed installation package associated format error problem
10, there are new features and optimization expect you to experience and discover...

Gigi audio v2.7.0.16 official version of the official version update:

1, multi task download function

The 2 amendment, drag a video will lead to flash back problems

3, part MKV will play modified intermittent problem

4, with the IE to play death card problem

5, fixed task list with the right mouse button "open file location error problem Gigi audio official download

V2.5.0.8 2014.09.24 update records:

1, repair is the buffer switch video will cause interface stuck

2, when the player will play to solve individual movie case flash back

V2.0.0.29 2014.06.26 update records:

1, optimization of P2P core algorithm

2, beautification program icon LOGO

3, there are other optimization rules...

Software screenshot

Download address

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Sixth, Shandong Linyi telecom users guests Published: 2016/4/29 19:57:33
For the adult website

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The fifth floor of the guest users Published: 2016/1/17 22:22:34
Adult special player

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The fourth floor of the Anhui Tietong (full general) guest users Published: 2015/5/11 0:43:49
Adult special player

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The third floor Jiangsu Xuzhou Jiuzhou College of Vocation and Technology guest users Published: 2014/9/18 18:19:34
Rich in resources, large, clear interface, it is also convenient

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The 2, America guest users Published: 2014/6/6 12:09:59
Direct viewing BT seed file, the buffer speed is very fast, very powerful ah..

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The first floor Sichuan Chengdu Tietong ADSL guest users Published: 2014/7/18 21:42:04
Watching films artifact Indoorsman Indoorswoman who, you know, ha ha.

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