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The latest version of the official v2.9.1.37 watermelon video player Watermelon player official download 2017| Watermelon video player The score: 8

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Software introduction

Watermelon video Player 2017 Is a set of video on demand, multi-functional, personalized video player software. P2P can greatly speed up the accelerating demand users demand speed, downloading and uploading, imagine the vod!

A new integrated watermelon video playback engine. Support Rmvb, Wmv, Asf, Avi, Mpg, Mp4, 3GP and other 400 kinds of formats. Watermelon video is based on the UDP protocol, the Streaming Media VOD Streaming Media VOD system with P2P acceleration. The connection between the intranet and network quickly, completely expand the coverage rate of seed. The intranet users in more than 90% of all can become the most effective resource contributors, nodes makes more than 95% customer terminal users to join the P2P network transmission, which can effectively use the uplink and downlink bandwidth.

How to set the watermelon video player

Computer software is currently no general film version of watermelon set button. Is the default setting, The download cache file is the default partition all remaining disk space. In the remaining maximum disk space, it is the folder name: XiGua Yingshi (watermelon film)

On the other settings or view: all download, pause, delete, wait for the download speed, schedule and so on can see pictures.

Watermelon video player is good?

1, watermelon video official website and software is non-toxic and credible. The official homepage is simple

2, used a watermelon video player for many days, the single from the two aspects of speed and effect can be watched on demand. Its function is not complete, all the settings are by default, can not understand is not found on the software settings button. And if Nora The software function comparison, it still has a gap. Look forward to later versions.

The watermelon video player only computer version, free version of mobile phone. Watermelon video is an old software, this year because it is less, you forget it, due to the recent Nora Baidu video Can not be used, so many websites and recommend it.

3, all download, pause, delete, wait for the download speed, schedule and so on can see the three pictures.

How to use watermelon video player?

Nora Baidu video After the silence, many users have to find there is no similar player, and new resources, but also can watch, download speed is fast. Xiaobian recommend watermelon video player here will come to learn how to operate.

Open watermelon video player.

Want to see the movie enter the name in the search box (which is of course you directly in the Baidu search Browser With the same Baidu)

Find the use of watermelon video player movie in Baidu, Choice Broadcast version.

So you can see, the browser and local players together in the buffer, turn off the local browser can continue to watch.

Do not look can continue to download oh.

Is this! Is not very kind, but it is not very popular, many sites do not support the watermelon video. But the mobile phone version is still in development, we also need to wait patiently.

The software features:

1. high-definition video playback and smooth

2. hits, updated in a timely manner

3. free VOD, Xpress Watch

3. online TV 

Nora Android version : Http://

Our version of apple: Http://

Nora 5 .0 never upgrade Version: Http://

Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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The 1 floor of the Hubei Jingzhou Unicom users guests Published: 2014/9/14 12:11:16
To accelerate the speed of P2P is very fast, the bottom edge will not pass card.

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