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Microsoft SQL Server 2000 personal edition 32/64 a simplified version of Chinese SQL Server 2000 personal edition download | Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Personal Edition The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: SQL2000 Sqlserver

SQL Server 2000 Personal Edition It is designed for individuals to create data base SQL2000 network management software, green resources to bring personal version, support win7, XP, 32, 64 are to be installed, a friend in need, please take it!

SQL Server 2000 introduce

SQL Server is a relationship Database management The system, originally developed by Microsoft Sybase and Ashton-Tate three companies, in 1988 launched the first version of OS/2. In the Windows NT after the release of Microsoft and Sybase in the development of SQL Server on the part company each going his own way. Microsoft SQL Server transplanted to Windows NT system, focus on the development and promotion of SQL Server Windows NT version of Sybase is SQL; focus on the application of Server in the UNIX operating system. Introduction in this book is Microsoft SQL Server SQL hereafter Server or MS SQL Server.

 Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Personal Edition

SQL Server 2000 personal edition installation tutorial

Please run the PERSONAL folder under the "AUTORUN.EXE" installation, if there is "Sql install hang", please close the installation process.

Run the "SQL installation hangs the solving tool.Exe, and then run the" AUTORUN.EXE "installation.

SQL2000-KB884525-SP4-x86-CHS.EXE is Sql Server 2000 Sp4 Sql 2000 patch, after the installation, we must fight this patch, or Sql2000 database easily be hacked.

SQL2000 version difference

SQL Server 2000 has four versions: Standard Edition Enterprise Edition / / Personal Edition / Developer Edition

Enterprise edition and standard edition needs to be installed on server operating system,

Such as Windows NT Server/ Windows 2000 Server/Windows 2003 Server

Operating system development version can be installed in any Microsoft.

SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition

Used as a production database server. Support SQL Server 2000 in all of the available functions, and according to the maximum support Web site and online transaction processing enterprises

SQL Server 2000 personal edition need to be installed in the personal operating system, such as Windows XP Professional etc..

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First, Chinese netizens guests Published: 2015/7/25 9:51:15
A SQL2000 version of the classic, is also used to 2000 do not want to use 2008, love the green resources network...

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