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Today's headlines iPhone version of the v7.0.2 version of IOS mobile phone Today's headlines apple | version download The iPhone version of today's headlines The score: 8

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Software introduction

Today's headlines The latest version of ios2018 The application is designed for mobile phone users to create news headlines apple, open the headlines today, you can know what had happened today, and the latest entertainment gossip, and HD video. Quickly download experience!

The official introduction

Today, we look at today's headlines

Today's headlines, more than 700 million users Choice The news App

Single user daily use more than 76 minutes long

Every social platform to share amounted to 11 million times

The subversion of the traditional reading -- "search" the pattern of information, use the Big data The algorithm, precise recommend that you are interested in the content, and not subject to miscellaneous information problems, a personalized information ocean, let you read more useful and efficient.

 The apple version of today's headlines

Today's headlines iPhone version features

Recommend that you love the content, avoid miscellaneous information, have exclusive news

More significantly in V, close contact, interaction upgrade

Hot events, a search that up, no longer worry about missing any hot

Massive content, enjoy watching HD video, whenever and wherever possible.

 Today's headlines IOS

Marvellous Q & A Area, hot topic chat together

Today's headlines Apple version features

[star] on the headlines

Super star settled in today's headlines open publishing account, dynamic update message. You can direct attention to comments Give the thumbs-up Don't miss, each piece of information released by TA, V and the star of your heart close, interactive upgrade!

[hot] timely search

The home page search function, a key to find all relevant content, do not have to worry about missing any hot news. A number of super polymerization site content, hot information in one hand, let the quality content fly with you!

[source] massive content

Millions of high-definition video playback speed has no advertising, fresh content, super provincial traffic whenever and wherever possible! More than 44 million, as you create fresh daily headlines exciting content, not travel the world to know. 24 hours non-stop brush, you filled all the fragments of time.


5 seconds to figure out your interests, your exclusive custom information, only recommend that you are interested in the content. Every time you step on the top, collection and forwarding form personalized user data is recorded, the headlines of learning. Every day more than 1000 engineers carefully optimized algorithm, only for each recommendation are more accurate.

[wonderful] area

Don't want to be spectators? The new "Q" channel -- a hot topic to talk, you can also answer the headlines. To initiate the topic or share ideas, discuss the participation of users, hot comments more exciting.

Update log

V6.0.1 update:

This update

- Friends posting, posting headlines, all content support, check your love content more convenient;

The recent update

- super star V continuously settled, instantly see the star dynamic attention, and let your idols closer.

Developer: Beijing bytes Beating Technology Limited

Software screenshot

Download address

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