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Software introduction

New code Typewriting Input method is the tool for a comprehensive, Pinyin, Wubi, CHANGJEI, handwriting and other multiple input methods, with input memory function, the user can quickly response the desired content, effectively enhance the input speed of the user, need friends welcome to download green resources!

The new version of the code input method

The new code input method is a wide range of input method, a collection of strokes and Pinyin, Wubi, CHANGJEI, handwriting input method, with the stroke + radical way, even beginners can learn typing through new code input method in a short period of time, with digital typing, typing strokes and Pinyin typing the characteristics, which is a new type of input method, want to learn and use don't miss.

The new version features code input method

1, fast: the fastest 280 words per minute, three times faster than the alphabet!

2, the country's largest font: you can play all the hard words, partial words.

 The latest version of the new code input method

At the same time : 3, multiple available strokes, radicals, and five digital pen, Pinyin, language and other methods including typing, typing, typing, typing keyboard mouse, mouse, handwritten numeric keypad typing.

4, to learn: a minute to learn typing, no dorsal root, no spelling.

5, the country's most powerful function: a total of 30 advanced and practical functions, including: homophone display, display, display of English idioms, ancient Chinese characters display, animation demonstration, stroke typing pronunciation, quick memos, in foreign language translation, traditional and simplified words compatible, FM, online dictionary etc..

The main function of more than 30

1, digital type

2, Chinese typing

3, mouse typing

4, stroke + radical type

5, U disc type

6, the big and small keyboard and mouse.

7, mouse (1, write a handwritten Chinese handwriting recognition technology the most advanced whole word. 2, the original brush display).

8, large and small keyboard

9, the most (about 200000).

10, homophone query

11, Suzha know-it-all

12, most of the words (75306)

13, the candidate frame color adjustment

14, Chinese characters stroke animation demo

15, Chinese characters, ancient and modern Chinese idioms, English display

16, self-made Lenovo sentence. And can be uploaded to any computer on the Internet

17, word. And can be uploaded to any computer on the Internet

18, can play QQ cool word

19, to Mars

20, stroke type

21, playing emoticons

In 22, English pronunciation function

23, tablet computer special edition

24, Pinyin or root tips

25, in English two-way translation

26, multi lingual, multi one-way and two-way Chinese and foreign language translation

27, the user passes

28, intelligent FM

29, encoding query

30, adjust the font size

31, simplified body compatible

32, custom soft keyboard

33, XP, Win7, win8 compatible with the new system

34, mobile phone Special Edition

35, adjust the size of the virtual keyboard

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