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The latest official version of the official WeChat 2019 v2.6.7.40 free PC version WeChat computer download version 2019| The latest official version of the official WeChat 2019 The users score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: WeChat QQ tencent

tencent WeChat The computer version of the client 2019 for32&64 (wechat) Is the most fiery Chat tools The WeChat PC version, WeChat computer version And the mobile phone version function as powerful friends more convenient, shake can also meet friends nearby, quickly download experience!

WeChat computer version features

Carefree chat: support the use of a computer keyboard input, receive the new instant message pop-up tips, like QQ Like WeChat!

 WeChat computer version 2019

Easy to use: you can use the shortcut to quickly initiate a conversation, send files, communication in a moment!

security No worries: through mobile phone scanning QR code Login, WeChat account security guarantee!

The protection of privacy Support: the hidden contacts list, use in the public don't have to worry about being seen by others!

Green Resources Network: the client Tencent do is the name of the official website of the copycat, hang the attention was not enough, the page is just install interface program is copycat workshops to the extreme.

Overall, WeChat web version of the client only Browser "Transfer to the client, the difference of user experience and WeChat web version is no, but fast keyboard input than the mobile client WeChat much convenient. Of course, does not rule out the day after the Tencent will launch QQ like WeChat client, with competition.

WeChat computer client using the method

Sign in

Double click on the desktop icon WeChat, WeChat running

If this is the first time login, there will be a two-dimensional code. Open the WeChat mobile phone Scan Scan code, landing on the mobile phone; after scanning, click OK to open the login; WeChat in the mobile phone, login confirmation interface, click on the login, you can start using.

If it is not the first time login, WeChat running, click "login" button, and then confirm on the mobile phone, you can log in using.


In the chat list Choice To chat with friends, then input the input box, you can begin to chat.

In the chat, you can screenshot Or, select the files on the computer, to a friend or yourself.

Chat backups

First of all, the Android mobile phone connected to the computer through a data line.

Then in the settings panel WeChat computer version, click "backup", in accordance with the interface that can be mobile phone chats on the backup to the computer. There will be backed up" recovery Click on the button, can be backed up to the computer chat back to mobile phone.

Currently only supports Android mobile phone, and the need to install the WeChat version 6.

Computer backup chat records only save the last backup. Each backup chat records, will save only as a backup record before the backup will be covered.

The backup chat back to the mobile phone, the mobile phone and chat chats on the do not merge, delete some chat on mobile phone.

How to use the web version of WeChat?

WeChat web version of the entrance: Https://

Sign in

First open the WeChat web version, WeChat web version of the address, open the page, you can see the page is a huge two-dimensional code.

Then scan two-dimensional code to WeChat: Android mobile phone as an example, there is a four star like a pen button on the page of WeChat "WeChat" two words on the right, click the button, there is a two-dimensional code scanning options, scanned using a mobile phone at the screen, (you can also save 2 dimensional code the picture for any scanning) can. At this time, will appear in the web version of WeChat on the page Dialog box Send and receive information, with the mobile phone are synchronized, very good use. Then the desktop icon generated by the browser.

Login skills

1) first download WeChat web client, you can directly to the WeChat official website.

2) open the page WeChat client, there will be a two-dimensional code like our landing WeChat page version of the login interface.

Now, open the WeChat mobile phone 3), click on the "discovery - sweep function, scanning the computer on the" WeChat client "two-dimensional code, and then click login to confirm.

Sign out

To exit the WeChat web version, there are three ways of official:

1. close the browser directly;

2. not long time operation, the web version automatically exit; (no official announcement about the time)

3. from the mobile phone from WeChat web version, or out of the mobile phone WeChat client, WeChat web version will automatically exit.

4. mobile phone has no electricity, will automatically exit. In fact, WeChat [1]5 online web version, mobile phone is not online, online mobile phone can still use WeChat web version.

Update log

V2.6.7.32 update

1. support QQ email plugin

2. support for the unread automatic speech to text

The actual size of 3. support view pictures

4. optimize file directory, improve performance

1, support the continuous unread automatic voice text conversion

The actual size of 2, support for viewing images

3, optimize the file directory, improve performance

V2.6.3 update

1. support and WeChat enterprise User chat

2. default save chats to the local

3. performance increase

Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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WeChat is too convenient, voice and video on the computer without pressure, but also with the WeChat QQ, WeChat did not feel good

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