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Avision avscan v4.3.0 scanning software multi language version Avision Avision scanning software | Avision avscan scanning software The score: 8

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Software introduction

Avision scanning The software of avscan Is a free software for scanning and printing. With the Avision intelligent scanner equipment use, can realize the speed of scanning and printing services, support a variety of print media! And provides a document format conversion function. Welcome users to download and use in green resources network.

Software introduction

AVScan is a solution of intelligent scanning and electronic applications, the use of Avision market leading document scanner. With the conversion and index scans into electronic files, to store and retrieve information with distinctive characteristics. AVScan will assist you when you need to scan and manage your files. Need to restart the Avision scanner before use.

 Avision avscan scanning software

A Visio Avision N scanning software features

1. has a smart scan function

2. supports document conversion

3. scanning Document management

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