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UltraEdit fire Chinese cracked version of the v25.10.0.62 version of the green free UltraEdit the Chinese version download | UltraEdit fire Chinese crack version The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: UltraEdit

UltraEdit 32 crack version Is a free version of text editing software. The software has powerful editing functions, while landing, save multiple account information. Chinese simplified interface to facilitate installation! Come and take it green resources network.

The Chinese version of UltraEdit features

1. configurable syntax highlighting, code folding, Unicode; 64 bit file processing in 32 place on the Windows platform.

Two hex editor You can edit any binary file, and display binary and ASCII view;

The 3.HTML toolbar, the commonly used HTML functions as a pre configuration file; encryption / decryption; multi byte and integrated IME;

 UltraEdit Chinese version

4. with 100000 word spell checker, C/C++, VB, HTML, Java and Perl were pre configured;

5. built-in FTP client support, login and save multiple accounts, support SSH/Telnet window;

6. integrated scripting language to automate tasks, configurable keyboard mapping, edit the column / block model, named template;

7. based on the text edit disk and support files larger than 4GB, even a few megabytes of files only takes up little memory;

8. Network Search Toolbar: highlight the text and click the websearch toolbar button to start the search plus words from within the editor;

9. in all searches (search and replace, find in files and replace in files), a multi line search and Replace dialog box;

10. provide predefined or user created editing environments, can remember all of UltraEdit's dockable windows, toolbars and status.

UltraEdit introduction:

UltraEdit is a powerful text editor, you can edit text, sixteen hexadecimal, ASCII code, can completely replace the notebook (if the computer configuration is strong enough, English) built in C++, and the VB instruction check word highlighted, you can edit multiple files at the same time, and that that opens the big file speed will slow.

UltraEdit is owned by Windows, a popular old text editor for /HEX (non open source). UltraEdit has been ported to the Linux platform. The transplant is called UEX, or UltraEdit forLinux. UEX is a native Linux appearance, its interface, configuration, and Windows version of the same hotkey.

UltraEdit is a $49.95 software, provides a friendly interface programming editor, syntax highlighting, code folding and macro function, and a host of other, built for the HTML, PHP and JavaScript syntax support.

UltraEdit code folding supports 64 bit file processing in all 32 on the platform of Windows (standard), Unicode disk support text editing and large file handling support more than 4GB based files, even if a few megabytes of files only takes up little memory.

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