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IPhone version of the v2.3.0 version of Apple plans to muse Project Muse IOS download | Project Muse iPhone version The score: 8

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The game is introduced

The Mousika plan IOS version Is a super good Mobile phone game music In this game, the music type is rich, the gameplay is simple, just use your fingers to control the rhythm game player can play music. Love music game friends quickly download it to green resources network!

Mousika plans to introduce the IOS version

He was awarded the "best Chinese Independent game "" best music rhythm "

The world's first real finger pronunciation electronic music game

The professional music producer who created for you

The dynamic and jumping atmosphere of the original electronic music

That we, in combination with the new fingertip pronunciation creates electronic music game play new!

 The Mousika plan IOS version

We each note will be your time activation

The beat? The rhythm? Click on the timing depends on your!

Equipped with headset, you can follow the beat, is a new generation of electronic music king!

It is recommended to use the headset in the game.

The Mousika plan IOS version features

1. best music material, high-grade type of music;

2. dynamic type music style, fast rhythm of your fingertips;

3. novel aspects of the game, click the stop switch to beat music.

New in version 1.5.0

- new tracks -ROSE

Free money, unlimited.

Song - complete, cancel unlimited mode

All the coins to buy Gift x2

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