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Bluestacks app (Android player v3.1.17 official version of the simulator) Android bluestacks simulator Chinese download | Bluestacks app player (Android simulator) The score: 8

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The game is introduced

The latest version of bluestacks simulator Also known as the blue China stack used, is home to a computer BlueStacks That can help the user to install the APK file on the computer, if you want to play on the computer Mobile game Please try BlueStacks!

The official introduction

Blue BlueStacks stack BlueStacks The new patent technology of the LayerCake company, can make some use of ARM special instruction set (non NEON applications such as "special instructions) Angry Birds "And" Fruit Ninja "In the normal operation of the Windows system architecture PC. In addition, Blue stack simulator Bluestacks also added to the graphics hardware acceleration support. For the application of high-end flat-panel design is also the perfect run. Bluestacks Android has collaborated on Chinese simulator version of AMD, can make full use of advanced graphics AMD APU platform and GPU characteristics. BlueStacks3 simulator also added 10 localization support, including Jane / traditional Chinese, and also set the interface similar to that of the real Android, support the soft keyboard input, built-in number The app store . The first BlueStacks allows users to multiple applications running at the same time in the simulator, for example, while playing the game while driving WeChat brush micro-blog Do not delay.

The latest version of bluestacks features

1. game anchor live must, without fear of charging live

Video broadcast channel, click on the lower left corner of the red button "I want to live", can be directly Choice The corresponding broadcast platform.

2. smooth cool game, an unlimited number of open

Blue stack and mobile phone game data exchange, whenever and wherever possible Play

As long as the scanning The two-dimensional code on the stack of blue game details page, download the game to mobile phone or pad, you can easily achieve the data exchange with a unified account login game.

The standard game set up complete, pick well pleasing to the eye.

3. computer play Mobile Games, blue fold better

As the originator of the Android simulator industry, coupled with the new intelligent engine HD+ assists BlueStacks blue stacked in compatibility and performance on the balance can be completely let you play.

Whether it is WASD or pure lol key operation, key operation, with your selection, accompany you, accompany you to god!

A key to restore the WASD key

A key to restore the LOL key

The advantage of bluestacks simulator

1. high application compatibility (regular test results show that the application of the operation success rate was higher than that of similar products)

2. machine high compatibility (intelligent engine HD+, which with low PC to run smoothly, with PC powerful performance)

3. general game set up complete (support handle game peripherals, boss key, DPI settings, screenshots)

4. depth optimization game experience (King of glory LOL style operation optimization, limit Ragnarok RO to open optimization, collapse Gakuen fine of 3 high frame optimization and double rocker function optimization, long time on tribal conflict is just the best team handle operation optimization, optimization, Pokemon Go virtual location optimization etc.)

5. of the latest hot game, massive game as you choose (the first line of the latest game)

6. game anchor (necessary for a key to open the game live, will be TV, TV, panda Betta live directly into the blue tooth stack)

7. computer game version of the customized (blue stacks for popular games to provide official computer version of customization, such as the girl front, Ragnarok RO official website)

8. Android across the end of the data exchange (by scanning the two-dimensional code blue stack client / official website, will be downloaded to the mobile phone game package, easy to stack and mobile phone games blue data exchange)

The 9. side of the game while playing voice chat (game + WeChat /QQ)

Blue stack Android simulator covers 180 countries and regions, its self-developed HyperDroid+ super intelligent search engine, very smooth and safe, the perfect support for mainstream applications, is an artifact of the Mobile Games playing computer!

Bluestacks installation tutorial

1. double click to install the green resource network to download the file "BlueStacksGPSetup.exe".

2. installation, install now is the default path; custom installation can specify the installation location. (see below), select and click "install now".


3. wait a few minutes after the automatic installation is complete (do not close the installation program, otherwise it will fail to install)

 Android bluestacks simulator

3. successful installation interface as below, click on the experience and ready for use.

 The latest version of bluestacks

Common problem

Bluestacks game screen or run
If you bluestacks, black screen, flash back, or infinite start problem, please try the following methods:
1XP Framework 2.0 the user to confirm the installed.NET SP2 or.NET Framework 4.0 (XP system)

2. confirmation The graphics driver Have installed
3. color 32 Color Verification System
4. confirmation Anti-virus software There is no intercept bluestacks service

5. hardware requirements: minimum configuration: 2GB memory, support OpenGL more than 2 cards, the resolution is more than 1024X768

Bluestacks horizontal screen and vertical screen problem
Now is the vertical screen. Small text is not clear, the following describes how to use the big screen
First of all, we have to find the home page, "the application of all" button:

 Bluestacks Chinese version Find the set inside "

 Download bluestacks simulator Click the "change with program size"

 Blue stack simulator bluestacks Find your application must be changed, select the "flat mode", then click "finish"

Bluestacks open tutorial:
1, start the BlueStacks simulator in the home after the blue stack, the lower right corner there is a open icon, click the option to create a new engine, generally select and copy the application ", because the choice of" new open engine "just copy the simulator, and the" new engine and copy the application in the replication simulator at the same time, the application also copy and installed, and eventually we hope to open several games at the same time, so that everyone in the home game after installation, select and copy the new engine application".

 Bluestacks Download 2, if successful, will have a new simulator interface, display the desktop to open 1 "at the same time, you will notice that many home games are copied, for example, you want to play" Dragon Valley "In the" home page "click" Dragon Valley "icon in the" desktop - 1 "click" Dragon Valley "icon, then opens the 2" Dragon Valley "of the game, and so on, can open 3, 4, 5, or even more, but in accordance with you the computer configuration decision, here we propose to open 3.

 Android bluestacks simulator Chinese version download 3, has successfully created a more open, the next time you need to open, only on the front page of the game icon in the upper right corner click on the drop-down box, or home --- open Icon --- run open - engine 1 can be removed similarly. Have fun on their buddy.

 The bluestacks simulator Chinese version


Update log

V3.1.15 update:

Support the use of the computer Typewriting

Greatly optimize the cross key

Part of the AMD machine repair flash back

To enhance the compatibility of the game

Optimize the installation speed of apk

To enhance the display effect of the game

Fixed some known issues


Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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It really suits you.

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