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Android simulator (BlueStacks App Player) v3.0.0.72 multilingual Chinese version of the official Bluestacks Chinese download | Android simulator (BlueStacks App Player) The score: 8

  • Software size: 288M
  • Software language: multi language Chinese []
  • Software type: foreign software
  • Software Categories: free software / class simulator
  • Update: 2018-06-09
  • Software level: 4
  • The official website: Http://
  • Operating environment: WinAll, WinXP
  • Software vendors:

Software size: 288M

top Comments: 50% One
step on Bad review: 50 A step

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Software introduction

Software label: BlueStacks BlueStacks

BlueStacks App Player Chinese version Also known as the blue Chinese stack used, is home to a computer BlueStacks That can help the user to install the APK file on the computer, if you want to play on the computer Mobile game Please try BlueStacks!

BlueStacks introduction:

The application of BlueStacks simulator Beta version also added 10 localization support, including Jane / traditional Chinese Also, set the interface and really like Android, support the soft keyboard input, built-in number The app store .

The core technology of BlueStacks simulator:

The new version of BlueStacks App Player uses a technique called Layercake, can let Android applications run in the open for the ARM processor based on x86 processor or PC tablet, and you can call the PC card, can provide a more smooth than the Alpha version of the experience.

BlueStacks is the core of a multi operating system runtime system, and has a breakthrough in virtualization technology. The application for different operating system development can be performed simultaneously on the same computer.

BlueStacks uses a lightweight, optimization, depth enhancement software virtual machine The monitor to support the embedded virtualization". The final consumers can fully enjoy the Android BlueStacks environment, or directly install the Android application in Windows on the desktop icon. Like any advanced technology, the complexity is completely shielded to consumers.

The BlueStacks user interface is fully configurable. In addition, BlueStacks can be integrated with computer manufacturers made software design and experience.

Update log:

2.2.23 update:

1. repair power revelation network connection problems

2. repair Genghis Khan Asked game & flash back problems

Click and hold the 3. join sidebar Drag the window function

4. optimization simulator application compatibility and operation fluency

The basic operating system can be Windows, Android, Chrome or Linux.

Support multiple operating system configuration

BlueStacks currently supports Android version running on Windows. System structure diagram, BlueStacks virtualization technology can easily support a variety of operating system and the application of different permutations. Examples include:

Run a Android Windows (for x86):

Android runs on Windows at the same time, seamlessly with the current version of the BlueStacks

Run on Android Windows (for ARM):

The release of Windows 8, in the ARM architecture, running on Android's Windows

Run Chrome OS on Android (for x86):

In Chrome Browser Running on the Android apps, to enhance the experience in the application of Chrome OS

Android running on Windows (for x86):

Run Windows on Android, Android can quickly enter the boot and prolong the service life of batteries

BlueStacks Beta released.

BlueStacks Beta released.

The software will run in the.Net loop mirror, please install the.NET Framework V2.0 SP2 redistributable package: Http://

Software screenshot

Download address

BlueStacks App Player v3.0.0.72 Chinese official Multilingual Edition

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The 26 floor of Chongqing telecom users guests Published: 2017/10/29 19:22:13
Pretty good! Thank you

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Twenty-fifth, Hubei Wuhan telecom users guests Published: 2017/7/2 22:23:17
Ve been using Android bluestacks simulator, very good, thanks for sharing Chinese version

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Twenty-fourth, Hunan Loudi (Xinhua county) telecom users guests Published: 2017/4/23 16:50:50
It really suits you.

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The 23 building in Jiangsu Suzhou Suzhou Institute of Industrial Technology guest users Published: 2017/1/12 17:46:47
Good! Great,

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The 22 floor of the Chongqing telecom users guests Published: 2016/11/18 20:01:43

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Twenty-first, Shandong Tai'an telecom users guests Published: 2016/10/16 10:12:36

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The twentieth floor of the Hubei telecom users guests Published: 2016/10/2 9:02:53
Pretty good。 I like it

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The 19 floor of the Malaysia guest users Published: 2016/7/5 17:35:26

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The eighteenth floor of the guest users Published: 2016/5/8 12:18:01

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Seventeenth, Hunan Shaoyang telecom users guests Published: 2016/2/24 9:28:15

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