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Automatic installation version of the office2000 SP3 6IN1 Lite Download office2000 Lite | Office2000 SP3 6IN1 Lite The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Office2000 Office

Office 2000 Lite Can bring all kinds of the most simple editing operations, you will need all kinds of editing functions were integrated, let you through the small software can complete Goods are available in all varieties. editing tools, easy to complete the task!

Office2000 version of the

Is the office automation software developed by Microsoft Corp, Office 2000 is the third generation office software products can be used as the representative, office and management platform to improve the user's work efficiency and decision-making ability.

 Office2000 Lite

Function introduction

Word is mainly used for text input, editing, typesetting, printing etc.;

Excel Mainly used for heavy computing tasks, budget, financial data collection work;

From word processing to data base Management to design Web Goods are available in all varieties.

It combines the most advanced Internet technology, has a more powerful network function

Features introduction

Office 2000 is a huge Office software And the software tools set Fit In order to meet the needs, the global network, it combines the most advanced Internet technology, has a more powerful network function; Office 2000 Chinese according to the characteristics of Chinese version, added new features to Chinese many aspects, such as Chinese tokenizers, add Pinyin, Chinese proofreading, simplified and traditional conversion etc.. Office 2000 is not only an important tool of your daily work, but also the assistant in daily life computer operating an indispensable.

The use of the

Double click to achieve automatic installation, or use Winrar Open decompression can be manually installed!

The components include:


Is cut off the contents of:

OFFICE2000 The font and language tools in the other unmodified!

Software screenshot

Download address

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