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Cheetah cleanup Masters (formerly Jinshan cleaning guru) official version of Android v6.08.9 Mobile phone download | cheetah cleanup master Cheetah cleanup Masters (formerly Jinshan cleaning guru) The users score: 8

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Software introduction

Cheetah cleanup Masters (clean Master) The original Jinshan Clean master , launched by Kingsoft Corp Mobile phone garbage cleaning tools That can be a key to quickly clean up the garbage in the mobile phone, to speed up the running speed, also supports power saving, CPU cooling and other functions. Quickly download experience!

The official cheetah cleanup Masters

Cheetah cleanup master is composed of intelligent mobile phone application Jinshan network development. It can clear the application cache, intelligent mobile phone on the residual program files, traces the history and application installation package. It can also save RAM by the end of the currently running process space, prolong the life time of the battery. Without the need for super user rights, support the pre installed software is disabled and powerful, comprehensive clean-up by the cheetah cleanup master, can greatly release mobile phone memory space, improve the operating speed. At the same time, support management software to clean cheetah master, Privacy protection The function, to provide users with a comprehensive solution to create a clean environment for the use of mobile phone.

 Cheetah cleanup Masters

App features clean cheetah master

[slow] solve a key to accelerate, such as mobile phones running!

[ WeChat QQ special cleaning] The release of more mobile phone space!

[garbage] not in the garbage, faster!

[anti disturb notice] notification bar clean and efficient, cleaner!

[super power] longer standby time!

[CPU] cooling and rapid cooling, refreshing the phone again!

Cheetah cleanup master app function

1. garbage is better than peers 30%

Most of the App will generate a lot of garbage in the local files are in use, the first cheetah cleanup master cloud + artificial depth cleaning system, industry-leading "cloud APP behavior" strong "fire engine" beyond the performance of traditional software to clean up hundreds of times, through in-depth analysis of the domestic and international mainstream dozens of million APP, accurate scanning the application of junk files, making clear. According to statistics, the average time to clean up the garbage can be more clear than similar products 30%.

2. mobile phone card to speed away from the slow

Cheetah cleanup masters have a speed function strong, can clean background secretly running process, intelligent process cleanup strategies to maximize free memory, improve the running speed of the mobile phone, let mobile phone away from carlton. The 4.1 version of the new "gaming" function, can automatically identify more than 90% of the mainstream mobile phone game. In the game at the start of the intelligent mobile phone to clean up memory, make the game start faster than 20%.

3. privacy clean-up

The most complete history cleaning, mobile phone becomes a second no trace, new privacy scanning, private chat no longer leaked pictures. For the user to clean the browser search records, Internet history, text messages, call records, account passwords and other private information, and have a clear hint to avoid accidentally deleted files.

4. management software

Uninstall or disable pre installed applications, mobile phone downsizing and reducing the burden, frequency of use of software at a glance. Do not need ROOT permissions with the situation, can be disabled / pre installed software is forced to stop, the maximum saving space for mobile phone. Can also uninstall tool installation package and residual files, and to generate large amounts of data (such as big game) APP packets move to an external SD card, the system saves a lot of space (the need ROOT Authority).

Update log

V6.08.9 update

1, the new integral in telephone module, mobile phone easily make calls garbage clean-up.

V6.08.7 update

1, the new eye mode, either the reading or the game, always protect your eyes;

2, the state of the lock screen cleaning fast mobile phone memory, mobile phone experience remained brisk.

Software screenshot

Download address

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The building 1 China guest users Published: 2014/9/26 21:01:22
Very good, function is very simple, just such a simple love

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