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Microdermabrasion filter portraiture v3.8.0 official version Chinese Portraiture filter to download 64 | Microdermabrasion filter portraiture The score: 8

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Software introduction

Portraiture Dermabrasion Filter Chinese version Is a good use of PS skin grinding filter plug-in, the plug-in memory 1M, powerful, skin grinding effect is good, can keep the skin in the removal of defects at the same time Skin The sense of absolute beauty artifact, there is a need to download free!

Portraiture microdermabrasion filter is introduced

The prestigious professional portrait microdermabrasion filters, called skin grinding the mirror of God, looking at the grass root Party group algorithms necessary equipment nouveau riche good, will not cause the processed picture I lost sharpness, not as promiscuous characteristic is the simulation soft lens bracketing dozens of optional parameters. The effect may be suitable output based on in fact, for general use as long as the direct load and apply the default preset effect is very good!

 Microdermabrasion filter portraiture

Portraiture filter Chinese version highlights

1.Portraiture microdermabrasion can keep tiny pores, keep skin texture, this is a lot of other dermabrasion skin software not available (most software to rub the skin, facial skin is like peeling the skin of the duck's egg, loss of skin texture).

2. simple operation, small software 600KB, especially it can automatic induction area of skin dermabrasion, only effect on the skin, skin regions excluded, so it on the hair, eyes, eyelashes have little effect!

The finished 3. for mixed version, support 32 bit and 64 bit PS CS5, PS CS6, PS CC

Using the Portraiture filter method

In 1, Photoshop Open a portrait, the use of "repair Brush Tool (press J) "the facial acne removal.

2, then the implementation of the menu: Filter > > imagenomic > > Portraiture... Into the skin grinding work interface, the use of "Straw +" in the area of skin click sampling 2~3 points, basically no other parameters you set (you can also fine tune "and" Brightness "degree").

3, a good set of parameters, and finally click "OK", photos of dermabrasion skin is complete!

Portraiture installation method

After extracting arbitrarily placed in any position, and then to the directory to create a shortcut, and copy the shortcut to the Photoshop default plugins directory Photoshop\Plug-ins\Filters pro test method to support multi version coexistence of PS, such as CS5/CC, or even 32 bit and 64 bit loading. If you have installed the old version of the finished or original, you must uninstall!

Software screenshot

Download address

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The first floor of the 137844.xyz guest users Published: 2017/5/20 22:42:54
Portraiture is really good for the skin grinding plug-in ah! This is a simple, for we just learned how to use PS, very useful

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