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Visual Basic6.0 Chinese version SP6 simplified Chinese mini version 6 VB6.0 mini version download | Visual Basic6.0 Chinese version The score: 8

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Visual Basic 6 Chinese version Is dedicated to driving language programming to build, its development provides a great help for the entire data programming, function design of the software is also very practical, users need to download it fast green resource network!

VB6.0 introduction:

VB6.0 called VisualBasic 6, is one of the visual programming tool MSDN Microsoft Corp launched in 1998, is currently the world's most widely used tools of program development. Has the advantages of simple structure, programming of system resources is very low, the programmer write a small program first Choice ! If you are one of absolutely ignorant of programming, and eager to have a quick and practical programming language for beginners, the right of choice of VB 6. Even taking into account the VB program itself to compile and run efficiency is low, but its fast development speed, easy to learn grammar, considerate and convenient development environment, it is still a good programming tool, is the first choice for beginners.

 Visual Basic6.0 Chinese version

Visual Basic language features:

The central idea of VB is to facilitate programmers to use, whether novice or expert. VB can use simple GUI system application, but also can develop quite complicated procedure. The VB program is a combined form of visual components based on the arrangement, and add the code to specify the properties and methods of formation. Because the default properties and methods have been part of the definition of the components, so many programmers do not have to write code to complete a simple procedure. The performance of the past version of the VB program has been put on the table, but with the rapid increase in the speed of the computer, on the performance of the debate has become less and less.

Form controls increase and change can be achieved using the drag and drop technique. An arrangement of full control Hold-all The show can be used to control (such as text box or button). Each control has its own properties and events. The default attribute values will be offered when the control is created, but the programmer can change. Many attribute values can be run in time with the user's actions and modify the change, thus forming a dynamic program. For example: the size of the form change event added can change the location of the control code at run time when the user changes the window size, the control will change position. In the text box text changes into the corresponding code in the event, the procedure can automatically translate or stop some of the characters in the input text input.

The VB program can contain one or more forms, or is a main form and sub form, similar to the operating system. There is little function Dialog box The window (such as no maximum and minimum button form) can be used to provide a popup.

The VB component can have user interface, also can not. So the server can handle the increased module.

VB use reference counting method to carry out garbage collection, this method contains a large number of objects, provide basic object-oriented support. Because of the emergence of more and more organized, programmers can use extensions to their needs. And some of the language is not the same, VB is not sensitive to the sensitive, sensitive state but can automatically convert keywords to standard, and the mandatory variable name symbol table entrance entity follow the writing rules. The default string comparison is case sensitive, but you can turn this off.

VB the external control large amounts have their own living space. A large number of third party controls for VB. VB also provides a method to establish, use and reuse of these controls, but because of language problems, from one application to create another is not simple.

VB language:

By any standards, it is the world's most widely used language, and basically learning computer professional, VB programming is a compulsory course, so its development tools, Visual Basic 6, which is the most popular development tools.

VB has a graphical user interface (GUI) and rapid application development (RAD) system, you can easily use the DAO, RDO, ADO connection data base , or easily create ActiveX controls. Programmers can quickly build an application to easily use VB components to provide the.

But a complete Visual Basic version 6, believe that the use of the user knows, with a lot of functions, actually used the function is not much, so few (of course, professional users except). It is important to note that if you are a beginner, a complete version of the tool are often on their own is not perfect, because they need to distinguish between and do not need to function, often let the novice at a loss feeling; then, if there is a version only contains the basic VB programming function, do not need to set up and configure tedious, it is perfect.

VB6.0 mini:

So, this streamlined version, I believe you will be very satisfied, it removed the commonly used functions, Visual Basic 6 thin, allow you to install, use more convenient. The interface is very simple, after the operation will prompt you to use (create) project, which are standard EXE, EXE, ActiveX ActiveX DLL and ActiveX controls, to choose their own needs, such as standard & EXE, a familiar programming window interface will appear in front of you (and VB.NET like ^_^!).

Support win7 x64 perfect running machine!

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