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The game is introduced

Red Alert 2 Republic at War The computer version The classic single game is a version of "Red Alert 2", but not the official version of the series. The same game fun, play with the official version of just adding more countries as like as two peas, and maps, play more exciting. Come to the Green Resources Network Download experience!

The official introduction

"Hui of the Republic of the Red Alert 2" although not the official version, but this does not prevent it from becoming a classic, I believe a lot of buddy child love China selected one by one, then the enemy beat (MOD China was too strong, a bit unbalanced). Red Alert 2 Hui of the Republic is not the official version, it is the domestic game player produced a MOD version of the game was modified from Red Alert2 Standard Version, its biggest feature is added Chinese. Especially after many years of experience, the Republic version of the game player both in number and enthusiasm, are much higher than the official version, many game player even think Hui of the Republic is the official red alert 2.

In recent years, the Republic of the Red Alert game and team are in the leading position of the Red Alert series game, red alert QQ Battle platform The room is dominated by the Republic in the.

Red Alert 2 Hui of the Republic of characteristics

1. destiny in their own hands. (in addition to their own computer, under the control of China is weak kneed. )

2. strong sense of national pride.

3. life is precious. (life is precious, brave and savage only one step away. China people know this, so China does not exist any weapons Dutch act. )

4. the enemy cannot. ("pain Daluoshuigou China decided to use the atomic bomb is an important reason, but for international humanitarian spirit, Chinese does not use radiation, mind control weapons. )

5. only the development of the economy, the state will strong. (Chinese many sophisticated weapons are expensive. )

Six science Technology is the first productivity. (create tech before, there will be a powerful weapon. )


The initial story

After World War II, Einstein invented a time machine, he in order to avoid the tragedy of war, took advantage of his invention back before the outbreak of the war, the assassination of Hitler. This move succeeded in preventing Nazi Germany on the road, but let the Soviet strength greatly expanded. The final is still not able to avoid the war, the Soviet Union launched a world war, Britain and other countries against the allied with the form. In the other game camp no change compared with the original story.

Chinese plot

The Soviet Union and the United States to open the second battlefield, in an attempt to expand the war to the world. "Little Khrushchev" led by right-wing activists had Soviet troops stay in Mongolia, ready to. U.S. imperialism warplanes repeatedly infringed China airspace, number of aircraft carrier is Chinese approaching Bohai. They know that the control of the Chinese, you control the whole world. At this time, China decided against active troops.

 Red Alert 2 Hui of the Republic of

The operation of the game

Control team

Operation command default shortcut key function description

Ctrl + 0 - 9 team set the currently selected units squad and a digital 0 named 9

Select the 0 - 9 team has set you selected named squad

Select a number of small Shift + 0 - 9 can optionally select multiple combat squads

Move to the team Alt + 0 - 9 selected 0-9 squad and the team moved to the tactical vision

Increase the team members Shift hold down the Shift key, add the selected units to the selected combat squad

Mobile attack Ctrl+Shift press Ctrl + Shift key, click the team forward area, in the road on the way to find the enemy troops, will automatically attack

Forced to attack the Ctrl press Ctrl button and click to attack targets, command units or compulsory fire team

Compulsory mobile Alt Alt Click to reach the target, to force the team to reach the designated area, can be used for rolling other units

Regional defense Ctrl + Alt selected units, press Ctrl + Alt key, click to guard the area, will guard the area

The army guard Ctrl + Alt selected units, press Ctrl + Alt key, click to guard troops, will guard the troops

Ctrl + Alt is selected for building defensive combat units, press Ctrl + Alt key, click to guard the building, guarding the building

Control unit

Select a M unit selection unit

Select a unit selection of N units

Select the injured U damage degree according to unit selection unit

According to the level of Y is selected according to the unit level selection unit

To view the base H tactical vision back to base construction plant

Select all units will P all combat team selection

Selection of similar units according to the unit selection team T

Select the Num 5 in the selected object in the central field of vision

The difference between the original and Hui Republic

1. all basic attack soldiers;

2. new Chinese (there are many high cost units such as infantry, cars, seals, black hawk, apocalypse, fearless, carrier, etc.);

3. mirage tank not built with battle labs, not attack can only be soul detector and the lower tower found (this point ignores more arms balance);

4. flight volume increased 80% (the total allied Hui rely heavily on Fei Binghai);

5. Soviet spies and increase the female deer transport helicopter;

6. grizzly tank can be deployed into the fort, increase defense increase, but the battery mode in architecture low efficiency (attack plus point, you will find the rhino waste);

The 7. tree (which leads to many new tasks and adjustment in the repair of the bridge engineer problems such as lack of);

8. other small adjustments.

New weapons

Red Alert 2 Hui of the Republic (Red Alert 2 Hui of the Republic of Chinese) version of the new three weapons package of amendments to the original work in the mouse to the display of bug when the above three kinds of weapons are:

1, 666 American soldiers need money, laser guns, very long range, powerful, can walk in the water Rulvpingdi;

2, Apocalypse Tank money 128 laser cannons V3 rocket laser cannon to attack ground targets, V3 rockets flying objects (aircraft, rocket soldiers), amphibious;

3, money 1228 aircraft carriers, flying in the air, V3 rocket gun, gun attack rocketers, airships, V3 rocket attack ground targets.

Configuration requirements

Operating system Windows XP/Vista/windows 7

Processor Intel (R) Celeron (R) above

The memory of 500M

Hard enough game space

The graphics integrated graphics graphics card or the best

Display 800 * 600 or higher resolution

Update log

1. repair error popups ask

2. repair line problem

3. optimize the game resolution, the game can use high resolution game.

4. join the official original background music

5. the soldiers will Chinese change a name for the people's Liberation Army soldiers

6. join the game card game against patches, more troops are no longer stuck

7. fonts optimized for the simplified Chinese

Change the 8. Chinese paratroopers to meet their national special branches of the PLA

9. Chinese increased air defense ship

10. powerful computer optimization intelligence, the game's computer is no longer the frail old silly way.

11. game adds automatic patch, can automatically modify the game compatibility, game player download Red Alert 2 Hui of the Republic will no longer appeared open game situation.

Red Alert 2 Hui of the Republic of modifier : Http://

Hui of the Republic of the map : Http://


Download address

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This game is fun

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One strategy game, very fun!

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