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I am 2018 v0.22.181024.8630 simulated city mayor Android version I was the mayor of city simulation game download | I am 2018 City Mayor The score: 8

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SimCity I was the mayor of the latest version Is a simulation game of the city Mobile Games version, you can play the game before yo, inherited the essence of the game, game player can be built from scratch in the city yo, come to try it. Welcome to download Oh green resources network!

I am the game Sim City Mayor

The ultimate "Sim City" -- "handheld game Sim City: I'm mayor" based on the gold medal game IP Simcity development EA's 27 years. By the global version of the line three weeks more than 15 million 500 thousand downloads a week. Had won the championship. I download 3D design in iOS Chinese District, the vigorous development of citizens with the taste of your city. It extends along the Coast City Beach, built the magnificent coastal landscape. I take you across the country Ping aircraft system, Tokyo, Paris and other famous town home.

 My Sim City Mayor

I quickly get the material simulated city mayor Raiders

Accelerate to speed up production using a coin

Game player Click to enter the store, you can see the acceleration option in the production interface right.

After the point into the accelerated currency options, game player can see a total of 3 kinds of coins were accelerated, the turtle accelerated coins, coins and coin cheetah accelerated Luo Ma acceleration.

Accelerate currency can participate in the contest and the mayor upgrade Epic building.

Two, to the World Trade Center Taohuo

Before it has introduced global trade center play, you can go to the multi game player from time to time, maybe you can find cheap and much-needed material oh.

 I was the mayor of city simulation game download

Three, the city mayor to visit other open gifts

Before this little benefits also has been introduced, do not need to spend money do not need to take the gold green. You only need to do more to others to stroll around the city, might be able to pick up good stuff.

Update log

V0.20.180815.7595 update:

Hi, mayor! The new version of the line, city simulation! Add a variety of content, to provide you with better quality of city construction experience:

The 1. homecoming rally! The colorful campus exclusive building on the line, the new semester time for a new beginning!

2. happy camp! Brand new outdoors Camping building on the line, bid farewell to the noisy natural approach;

3. golden holiday! Special festivals building on-line, unique experience of foreign culture!

4. new club badge, the president may Choice The right club badge, highlighting the personality of the club;

5. new clubs function allows you to browse and choose their own club;

6. new senior club search content, allowing you to search more accurate to find hope to join the club;

7. City log three new war club, the city completed log can get rich rewards;

8. city new war club achievement achievement, complete the war club achievements, will receive cash awards green;

9. new club war medals, members reward outstanding contribution in the war in the club;

10. new city activities, many open packs limited, decorate the city festival atmosphere;

11. to fix a number of online BUG, enhance the overall performance of the game!

Thank you for your support as in the past, I wish you a happy game!

Mobile Games.

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